Session 18:

Session NO.: #18

o Suggested Key Words: sport, work out, , etc.
o Date: January 10th, 2015
o Developed by: “Mohammad Hossein Hariri Asl”

Round Table:
 Each participant must ask one question and be asked once.
 Please develop 2 questions in relation to the current topic so that if your first question has already been posed by our classmates, you can raise your second question.
Write down the classmate‟s Skype Name you‟d like to point your question to, followed by your question, which is copied-pasted in the Skype chat-box. For instance, Hossein Hariri – Is there anything positive about being afraid?
 Please type your questions before the class to save time.
 You should also pose your question orally after copying-pasting it.
 The maximum time for answering each question is “2 minutes”.
 Your questions must not be too personal.
 Your questions ought to be challenging and not so easy to answer.
 Your questions should be in accordance with the topic being discussed.
 Please make sure in advance if your question is well-put and organised in terms of grammar, diction (choice of words) and even punctuations.
 You must NOT raise any political question. Otherwise, you will be banned permanently.

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