English Essay 43: Online Intimacy

  • Topic: Psychologists warn people that social dating online cannot be a very good substitute for real intimacy among the young. Explain about your idea on the position of online social dating (online intimacy) in comparison to real intimacy in outside world.

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English Essay 42: Money

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English Essay 41: Addiction

  • Topic: One of the byproducts of industrialization is addiction to TV and the internet. In your essay, make it clear which one of these two types of addiction seems to be more haunting and dangerous. Bring reasons to support your claim.
  • English Essay Number: 41
  • IELTS Writing – Task 2
  • Class: Writing for IELTS

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English Essay 40: Robots

Topic: In some science-fiction movies, we see that robots and machines will become much more intelligent than humans. These movies threaten us that in distant future, we might be subordinate to machines and take their orders. What’s your perspective on this issue?
• English Essay Number: 40
IELTS Writing – Task 2
• Class: Writing for IELTS

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English Essay 39: Violence

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