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1100 Words You Need to Know – Week 3, Day 1

The Pep Talk
“If there’s one thing I loathe,” the said, “it’s a quitter.” He had good reason to reprimand us at , because the
revealed that we were losing, 4520. Our lackluster indicated to him that we had forgotten the rudimentary* aspects of . His caustic remarks fired us up, however, and we dashed out, to wrest control of the game from our rivals.

Sample Sentences
Use the new words in the following sentences.
1. With the help of his brothers he was able to __________ the leadership of the company from his partner.
2. Speaking in a monotone, the politician was booed for his __________ address.
3. In a __________ article, the drama critic slaughtered the hapless* actors.
4. I __________ spinach but I love other green vegetables.
5. When Ed arrived late, he knew that the grocer would __________ him.

Match the new words with their dictionary definitions.
6. loathe ____ a. dull
7. reprimand (v.) ____ b. to hate
8. lackluster ____ c. , biting
9. caustic ____ d. take by force
10. wrest ____ e. to show sharp

Today’s Idiom
: (crocodiles were said to cry while eating their prey)
When the player broke his leg, his substitute wept crocodile tears.

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