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Dr. Hariri’s Quotes in English – 100 Top Quotes

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The following are some of Dr. Hariri’s quotes and ideas in English. To know more about me, please check Dr. Mohammad Hossein Hariri Asl’s resume at LELB Society.

Dr. Hariri’s quotes

  1. Marriage: Marriage is like a bird that needs two agreeable and harmonious wings (couple) to be able to soar in the sky.
  2. Arrogance: Those, who are selfish and arrogant, cannot respect themselves because serving yourself is different from respecting yourself. When they cannot respect themselves, how come we can expect them to respect others? That’s why they just want everything for themselves without any tinge of respect.
  3. Social Castes: Social castes and classes will never fade away because they are the manifestations of mental divides in the minds of different people. That is, different mental patterns give rise to different social classes.
  4. Black Holes: Black holes, albeit dark, dreadful and outrageous, draw the attention of even light and ingest it into their dissolvent physiques.
  5. Justice: If children are taught or learn how to discipline themselves and their lives, they will become more just and justice-sensitive in future, as discipline and organisation have a strong relationship with justice.
  6. Feminism: There is a positive correlation between high degrees of feminism and older age on the part of women. The older they get, the more likely they would grow feministic points of view.
  7. Clarity: Clarity of your mind can help you to become creative to a very high degree.
  8. Stress: Stress is an internal defense mechanism to make you ready for a challenging situation. In this case, stress is likened to pain in the sense that as pain indicates that there is something wrong in your body, stress shows that there is something wrong in your mind and your life. As you should not use a pain-killer to suffocate pain; instead, you should find out the reason of pain in your body to eradicate the causes of pain, you must also find out the reasons and causes of stress in your mind and life to try to eradicate the causes.
  9. Clear Conscience: You are the pilot of an airplane in which your conscience functions as the black box. If you control your plane effectively and permanently, your black box will never document any derogatory defects on itself.
  10. Life: Life is like a precious gift from God, and you should take maximum pleasure in it.
  11. Death: We may reach sometime when we appeal to God for death, that is, we will have owed to death by that time. So take maximum pleasure in your youth.
  12. Fascinating God: When you act righteously with a clear conscience, even God will fall in love with you.
  13. Creative Prosperity: You can find and create new channels of prosperity in your shining life.
  14. Think Big: If you think big, big things will come to you.
  15. Getting Better: You should instill and internalize the feeling of “getting better and even better each moment”. In so doing, your life will improve tremendously and you will be at the apex of the pyramid of your life. Therefore, when you are likely to depart this mundane world, you do NOT like to get back to this worldly life for another time since you are internally and exhaustively satisfied and gratified.
  16. Fear: Fear in your mind functions as pain in your body. It indicates that there is something wrong and you should do something in return. As you should trace the cause of pain in your body, you should also find the cause of fear in your mind and remove it. So you should be thankful to your fears.
  17. Happiness: A great man is one who is internally happy even if he has to be alone in his entire life.
  18. Happiness: In order to achieve genuine happiness, you should constantly be one step forward from your age.
  19. Hope: Don’t let your hope lose hope of you.
  20. People Skills: Expecting tactfulness and logic of illogical, philistine and uncivilized people is among the greatest imperfections.
  21. Perseverance: The plant in dark was trying to reach for the sunlight and it was making a demanding effort to attain this goal. Your life is almost at the same level. After reaching that point in life, you will taste something that will surely be worth of all your attempts.
  22. Positive Change: You should update every day of your precious life. This updating is to be an ongoing process making changes for the better in your improving life.
  23. Project Completion: Life is not just replete with the tasks you enjoy doing. Sometimes, you have to do things you really shrink from. But if you hang on there, you will be awarded. The unpleasant tasks are like changing the baby. But after changing her, you can enjoy holding the baby that is dry and ready to be loved by you.
  24. Self-care: Horror movies can impose devastating blows on your mind. Don’t be brainwashed and/or overshadowed by the aftermath of horror movies. They may give you momentary pleasure; however, in return, they put you in a state of anxiety, fear, and phobia in moments of loneliness. So control your mind and emotions and have peace of mind and equanimity. The other danger that horror movies put you in is the likelihood of being prone to schizophrenia, in the sense that you, little by little, fail to distinguish between right and wrong phenomena. Consequently, don’t let those ludicrous and spurious scenes, plots, and pictures influence your holy mind, subsequently, Holy You.
  25. Self-competition: Comparison and juxtaposition bring about limitation to what you can be. Don’t compare yourself with any other person because on account of this comparison, you can rarely exceed the compared person’s boundaries of success.
  26. Self-control: Don’t do anything that you are ashamed of writing and annotating in your notebook.
  27. Self-knowledge: Everybody is a prodigy or genius in a hidden field. He should find it out.
  28. Self-reliance: Instead of working for the sake of others as an employee, strive to create some opportunities to employ others as an employer.
  29. Success: Success and happiness are calling on you. Listen to them.
  30. Time: Suppose that each day of your life is like a whole age. As soon as you get up from the bed, you are born to this universe and you live your life up to your death, i.e. the time when you go to bed. In this respect, the duration of time from 12:00 AM to the time when you get up is titled “your prenatal life” when you are considered a fetus. So it’s on your part to get the most of your daily age.
  31. Time: The existence of Extra Time (ET) among your daily tasks plays the role of gristle or cartilage among the pieces of bones in your body (daily tasks) to cause them to go smoothly. The more gristle or cartilage, the more smoothly the bones function.
  32. Wicked People: Wicked and immoral people desperately need your pathos. You need to pray for them because they are doing irreparable harm to themselves.
  33. Words: Behind each single word, there is an entire world.
  34. Luck: You can build up your own luck.
  35. Self-awareness: You can create sweet memories for future at the present time.
  36. Productivity: You can take much genuine comfort if you happen to get out of your comfort zone.
  37. Change: If you are not satisfied with your life, you can do something to change its course for the better.
  38. Goodness: You have this potentiality to be so good to influence positively event the devil so that he might get humanised by you.
  39. Self-development: Be the best of yourself.
  40. Parenting: Parents are even responsible for the sweet or bitter memories of their children.
  41. Thinking: Thought pollution is much more dangerous than air, sound, water, etc. pollutions.
  42. Ignorance: God may bestow upon me some ignorance so that I won’t get so upset by the people’s anomalies.
  43. Love: If you just offer your body and not your heart, you are just a slut.
  44. Clarity of Mind: As computers need to be defragmented from time to time to work faster, we need to defragment our minds, too, to get more organised and enjoy the powerfulness of clarity in our minds.
  45. Change: Break your negative habits before they break you.
  46. Women: Women are mysterious creatures and difficult to know exactly as they have their reproductive system and organ inside their body. Men are less mysterious as they have their reproductive system and organ outside their body.
  47. Life: Every day you are alive is your birthday.
  48. Life Improvement: In order to be able to cope with your problems effectively, you should update your habits and personality traits as the database of an anti-virus is updated to have immunity against the recent viruses. That is, your life should always be in a state of flux, making positive changes and getting rid of the unpleasant and destructive habits.
  49. Positive Changes: When the days of your life become identical, you are likely to become depressed. Make some positive changes and modifications to your life, even if they are minor, e.g., the background wallpaper of your computer desktop, to have a more dynamic life.
  50. Time: Each day you lose, you commit a nefarious crime.
  51. Habits: Habits are the end-results of repetition.
  52. Determination: Pat and Matt series is a perfect example of self-determination and self-resolution. When they decide on something, they give a full commitment to that to actualise it, no matter what.
  53. Hope: You are never in the worst situation. When you are dissatisfied with your conditions, notice that it could be even worse.
  54. Thinking: Watch out for your thoughts.
  55. Life: The greatest of all arts is the art of living well.
  56. Life: Life should be taken seriously, but seriousness should not.
  57. Success: If achieving success were easy, everybody would be successful.
  58. Self-love: When you happen to respect yourself, you will always have somebody to love.
  59. Habits: Habits can work for you, or work against you. You should be conscious enough to form the correct ones.
  60. Time: Each day is like an entire life.
  61. Body-mind Connection: The relativity of your body and your mind is like the relativity of this world and hereafter. As you need to have a good body to be able to have a decent and nice mind, you need to live well in this world to be able to enjoy your life in the other world to come.
  62. Life Planning: Like an architect, you should design and fashion your own life.
  63. Love: If it happens that you don’t have any enemy, you will always be happy in your life.
  64. Happiness: If you become happy when others succeed, you’ll always have something to be happy about.
  65. Perseverance: Strengthen your personality by solving your problems.
  66. Self-responsibility: Blaming others is the easiest way to do away from your responsibilities.
  67. Parenting: The most significant license you can ever think of is parenting license.
  68. Beauty: Those who conceal God’s beauty, majesty and blissfulness are heathen or disbelievers.
  69. Prosperity: If you are not getting richer and richer, you must have taken a wrong approach to prosperity in life.
  70. Equanimity: In peace of mind, there is great excitement.
  71. Brain: Train your brain.
  72. Happiness: Celebrate your sheer existence and take maximum pleasure in every second of it, no matter what.
  73. Problems: Problems’ barks are worse than their bites. i.e. they are not as complicated and daunting as they seem.
  74. Poverty: Poverty is a notorious and unforgivable crime.
  75. The Wicked: The wicked people are not corrected; they are just getting worse and worse.
  76. Goodness: The pleasure that one can take in being good cannot be found in anything else.
  77. Hope: The pleasant anticipation of something sometimes is greater than its realisation.
  78. Forgiveness: For your own good, forgive others’ wickedness.
  79. Self-love: The more you love yourself, the more self-integrity you will develop.
  80. Life Improvement: Plastic surgical operations on your mind are much more important than your body.
  81. Priorities: Life is the arena of priorities.
  82. Integrity: Never condemn your own values to seek the approval of others’ values.
  83. Confidence: Do the things that matter most in your life, and you will always be confident.
  84. Your heart must feed your brain, and your brain must lead your heart.