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Men’s Brains versus Women’s Brains English Conversation

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      Men’s brains versus women’s brains discussed in English conversation questions forums for ESL students to practice writing based on asynchronous learning.

      Reading practice on men’s brains and women’s brains

      There is evidence that women have more grey matter in their brains. Grey matter contains cell bodies that help our bodies process information in the brain and is located with regions of the brain that are involved with muscle control and sensory perception. (Bad news for expecting moms: Grey matter decreases during pregnancy, which helps explain “pregnancy brain.”) That said, women have been found to use more white matter, which connects processing centers, while men use more grey matter. This could explain why men tend to excel at task-focused projects, while women are more likely to excel at language and multitasking.

      Source: https://www.nm.org

      Video on men’s brains versus women’s brains

      Answer the following questions

      1. What is the major distinction between the two genders‘ brains?
      2. Please explain about the nothing box in men’s brains according to the lecturer.


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      Armaghan Houshmand

      1. The major difference between men and women’s brain is the amount of grey and white matter.
      2. According to the lecture there is a nothing box in men’s brain. Which explains why men can do a task for multiple hours with thinking of absolutely nothing else.

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        * a nothing box in men’s brain. Which explains = the nothing box (definite, and not indefinite) in men’s brains, which explains …
        * with thinking of = by thinking of …

        In my opinion, the lecturer gave a wonderful presentation that was a combination of presentation and performance. Sometimes (not always) we really need to use humor in our presentations depending on the topic and audience.

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