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Study at LELB Society to practice English for IELTS, TOEFL, GRE and Farsi

Study at LELB Society

Why study at LELB Society?

Study at LELB Society to access valuable resources for IELTS, TOEFL, GRE, EPT exam for PhD students, vocabulary, flashcards, idioms, listening, speaking, reading, writing, grammar, conversation, presentation, English for business, Persian or Farsi, and so on.

Join hundreds of happy students for 2,166 lessons in 57 categories with 2,527 carefully illustrated flashcards, 13,629 collocations, +1000 podcasts and 3,790 comments (so far) that are all embedded in the lessons.

Study some free lessons and analyze all premium services for our registered students. Site membership is 100% free for our online students and team members. Enjoy 25% discount for universities, colleges, schools, institutes and companies. Money back is 100% guaranteed within 24 hours without any question. Contact us to register at LELB Society, join our online classes or become a team member.

  1. Study free samples of lessons before becoming a student.
  2. First login to your account, and then select any text and listen to it to improve your listening comprehension in the best way ever.
  3. Enjoy 4 free IELTS & TOEFL classes in your monthly studentship.
  4. One free IELTS essay correction during your monthly studentship
  5. One free IELTS interview analysis during your monthly studentship
  6. Ask us your questions in the interactive comment forms and get responses immediately.
  7. Ask us your language questions in these forums.
  8. Study free lessons for all.
  9. Request membership in our WhatsApp groups for IELTS and Farsi.
  10. Join our English chat room to practice English for IELTS and TOEFL.
  11. Join our team to make money for yourself and become popular. Site membership is free for our active team members.
  12. Make money as a marketer by inviting your friends to register at LELB Society.
  13. Study new lessons every day with thousands of illustrated flashcards, comments, podcasts, collocations, etc. on the homepage.
  14. Subscribe to our newsletter to get our daily new lessons via email.
  15. (Basic Plan) Studentship fee (only site membership): 50.000 Tomans / 5$ per month
  16. (Golden Plan) Studentship fee + all the above services: 100.000 Tomans / 10$ per month
  17. 25% off for companies, universities, colleges, schools, institutes, etc.
  18. Money back guaranteed within 24 hours without any question

English Lessons with Podcasts and Flashcards in categories

Study Today's Free Lesson at LELB Society

How to enjoy free site membership?

Become a member for free.

  1. Join our growing team for free site membership + making money for yourself.
  2. Invite 2 friends, classmates, colleagues, etc. to register at LELB Society.
  3. Join our private or group classes on Discord for free site membership.

Join our team and make money

Invite Your Friends and Make Big Money

Learn vocabulary in context.

Slide Flashcards in the Posts LELB Society

Learn English vocabulary in context with over 2,000 carefully illustrated flashcards in the posts with lots of examples and synonyms for IELTS, TOEFL, GRE, and the like. For example, consider the following 15 carefully illustrated flashcards among thousands of others.


Slides Text to Speech LELB Society

Practice collocations in English.

See more examples of the English terms and phrases (hyperlinks) in other posts by clicking on them.

hard parents and children consolidate the affinity between each other, the concept of has always been perceived. However, there has been whether has recently widened or narrowed the past. 

Free IELTS class on Discord every day!

Slide Free English Class LELB Society

Join online classes on Discord.

Site membership is free for our private and group students (not free classes).

  1. Free English class for IELTS & TOEFL
  2. Free Farsi / Persian class
  3. Free English class on WhatsApp
  4. Free Farsi class on WhatsApp
  5. Group class for IELTS & TOEFL
    • Class time: every night, 8:30 to 9:00 pm – Iran’s time
    • Class fee: 30k Tomans for each session, 60k Tomans per hour
    • The first session is free.
  6. Group Farsi class
    • Class time: Saturdays & Sundays, 9:30 to 10:30 pm – Iran’s time
    • Class fee: 50$ for 8 sessions (8 hours) per month, paid monthly
    • The first session is free.
    • Register for this group class in Farsi by contacting us from the top of the website.
  7. Private classes in English & Farsi
    • Contact us from the top of the site to schedule a fixed time.
    • Class fee: 200k per hour
    • The first session (lasting for 30 minutes) is free.

Group IELTS and TOEFL class

Other Services

  1. IELTS essay writing correction service
  2. IELTS speaking test (IELTS interview) with correction and scoring
    1. 150.000 Tomans for each interview
  3. Writing assistance for academic tasks and projects
    • 200.000 Tomans for every 500 words
    • Personal statement, statement of purpose, edition, thesis proposal, thesis, translation, resume, CV, etc.
  4. Teach any languages online
    • Make money for yourself.
  5. Publish your articles online
    • Free

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