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Study thousands of premium lessons on interesting topics with illustrated flashcards, embedded podcasts, text-to-speech functionality, voice & text interactive comment forms, collocations & related lessons, etc.

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Learn vocabulary in context with 2,228 illustrated flashcards (so far) for IELTS, TOEFL, GRE, etc. based on the coursebooks, 504 Absolutely Essential Words, 1100 Words You Need to Know, For & Against, authentic materials, and the like. For instance, consider the following 20 illustrated flashcards among thousands of others:

perpetuatelegerdemainillusoryperspicaciousostensibleAchilles heelperemptorymortifyinveterateretrospectfalterbereftdetrimentcongenialdispersefetishanthropologistbring home the baconmandateenunciate

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Monthly services & fees

ServicesSite MembershipSite Membership + Classes
Access 2,621 premium lessons✔️✔️
Access 2,218 flashcards inside lessons✔️✔️
Access +2,000 podcasts inside lessons✔️✔️
Access 15,024 collocations inside lessons with keywords & related lessons✔️✔️
Select any text & listen to it to improve your listening (text-to-speech)✔️✔️
Leave unlimited voice & text messages to improve your speaking & writing (so far, 3,850 comments)✔️✔️
Submit unlimited IELTS essays for analysis✔️✔️
Ask us unlimited questions in the interactive comment forms at the bottom of lessons & receive detailed answers immediately✔️✔️
Ask us unlimited questions in our English or Persian forum & receive detailed answers immediately.✔️✔️
12 group IELTS or Farsi classes during your monthly membership✔️
Monthly registration fee300.000 Tomans / 15$ (Money back guarantee within 24 hours)800.000 Tomans / 50$ (Money back guarantee within 72 hours)

Group class time

Group ClassesClass Time
Group IELTS classSaturdays, Mondays & Wednesdays from 8:00 to 9:00 pm Iran’s Standard Time
Group Farsi classSundays, Tuesdays & Thursdays from 8:00 to 9:00 pm Iran’s Standard Time

Additional services

Private teaching for IELTS or Farsi350.000 Tomans / 20$ per hour – The first session is free.
Writing assistance for academic tasks & projects350.000 Tomans / 20$ for every 500 words
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