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LELB Society stands for Learn English to Live Better.

LELB Society is an online learning community to help you practice English academically and interactively.

IELTS Preparation Course LELB Society

🎯 Why learn English on LELB Society?

  1. Select any text on the site, and our installed machine will read that part out loud to you.
  2. Participate in our English webinars for free.
  3. Publish your English lectures and articles for free and receive our professional corrective feedback.
  4. Use our private and public chat room that will appear at the bottom-left corner of your screen. You need to log in to your account to access the chat room.
  5. Ask any English question you might have in our English Questions forum, and receive accurate answers immediately.
  6. Create any new topic in our classified English forums and raise your English questions or interact with the other visitors asynchronously.
  7. Gain access to thousands of challenging questions in English in our bank of questions.
  8. Practice teaching English online on LELB Society and gain practical experience and growing popularity in becoming a qualified English teacher.

⭐ Top Categories of LELB Society

Free English Webinar LELB Society
Free English Webinars
English Presentations LELB Society
English Presentations
English Idioms LELB Society
English Idioms and Expressions
English Grammar LELB Society
Lessons in English Grammar
English Vocabulary LELB Society
English Vocabulary Practice
Storytelling in English LELB Society
Storytelling in English
Success Journal LELB Society
Success Journal in English
IELTS Reading Practice LELB Society
IELTS Reading Practice
English for Business

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🎓 Our Online English Classes on Discord

Join our online English classes.

  1. A group Class for IELTS and TOEFL
    1. Class Time: Saturdays and Tuesdays, from 9:00 to 10:30 pm (Iran’s Standard Time)
    2. For 8 sessions (12 hours) per month: 300.000 Tomans / 50$ USD
    3. First session is free.
  2. Private Classes in English
    1. Based on your needs, goals, proficiency level, and even personality
    2. For each session, 150.000 Tomans / 25$ USD
    3. First session is free.

⭐ Paid Services of LELB Society

  1. IELTS Preparation Course
    • Class Time: Saturdays & Tuesdays, from 9:00 to 10:30 pm (Iran’s Standard Time)
    • For 8 sessions (12 hours) per month: 300.000 Tomans
  2. Private Classes in English
    • The first session is FREE. 
    • For each session: 150.000 Tomans
  3. Advertise your business on LELB Society
    • Your business banner will be placed right above the footer of our website for a complete month: 500.000 Tomans
  4. English Tours in Iran

💳 Pay for Our Premium Services

پرداخت نقدی هزینه خدمات سایت 🇮🇷

مشخصات حساب بانکی جهت پرداخت هزینه کلیه خدمات ما

حساب سیبای بانک ملی ایران به نام: محمد حسین حریری اصل

6037-9971-6136-1069 :کد 16 رقمی روی کارت 

0301429397002 :شماره حساب بانکی

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💬 Our Students’ Testimonials

“Join our society and improve your English like nowhere else.”
“We make you independent of any other language institute.”
“Practice all the 4 skills for IELTS and TOEFL in one single class.”
"Join LELB Society to enjoy learning English in a friendly and motivational environment."
“Opportunity seldom knocks twice. So, do not hesitate to join LELB Society.”
"LELBalization is essential for globalization."
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