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LELB Society is an online bilingual academy of English and Persian with 120 happy students worldwide. Join our online classes, study 3,800 lessons with videos, and talk and write to your teachers anytime with our full support 24/7.

Today’s Visual Word in Context

  • Badinage Meaning in Context from 601 Words
    Badinage meaning and definition in real context from 601 Words You Need to Know to Pass Your Exam with illustrations and synonyms. Improve your listening and reading comprehension by knowing this word. /ˈbæd.ɪ.nɑːʒ/ (noun) Badinage … Read more

Learn Vocabulary in Context

Learn advanced vocabulary for IELTS, TOEFL and GRE with definitions, images, synonyms, antonyms, text-to-speech functionality, parts of speech, and in real context and short passages. Practice reading and listening skills and improve your academic vocabulary at the same time.

Why study at LELB Society?

آموزش زبان فارسی آنلاین به شکل خصوصی و گروهی

آموزش آنلاین زبان فارسی

Persian Language Resources

  • داستان شیر گرگ و روباه برای آموزش زبان فارسی
    داستان شیر گرگ و روباه برای آموزش زبان فارسی با داستانهای ساده و آموزنده از زبان حیوانات برگرفته از داستانهای ازوپ با متنی ساده مناسب برای آموزش فارسی به کودکان با داستان نسخه انگلیسی داستان شیر گرگ و روباه برای … Read more

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Practice Reading

  • The Wolf and The Lion Aesop’s Fable + Video
    The wolf and the lion is one of Aesop’s fables narrated by Dr. Mohammad Hossein Hariri Asl with vocabulary and pronunciation practice for ESL learners. Learn vocabulary in real context with images and pronunciation practice. Source of story: Gutenberg Project … Read more

Practice Listening

  • Ancient Rome Facts – English Documentary
    An English documentary about the ancient Rome facts with a video + full video transcript to practice listening and reading comprehension at the same time. You can also learn advanced vocabulary in real context about the ancient Rome facts. Source … Read more

Practice Writing

  • IELTS Essay on Overweight People + Full Essay
    IELTS essay on overweight people with full essay model + essay question submitted to us by our members with full analysis and scoring. Join our members at LELB Society and submit your IELTS essays for thorough evaluation. IELTS essay question on overweight people … Read more
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