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آموزش آنلاین زبان فارسی

Learn vocabulary in real context (e.g. books, magazines, websites, plays, lyrics, etc.) with images, synonyms, antonyms, and parts of speech. Login to see +2,500 vocabulary items with images.

Consider the following 30 of 2,500 illustrated vocabulary with images as examples. Images are accessible only to registered students.

Achilles heelimpassecharismahyperboleguiselarcenyencomiumfrailbuilt upon sandarrogatepanachemake ends meetdeprecateingenuousobstinatealoofon pins and needlesshibbolethdisseminatepastichegambolcorpulentpenchantanachronismappalleddulcetcallowtaciturnvernaldiminutive

1100 Words You Need to Know Week 38 Day 3

What Next?
Once the fashion industry has been able to foist a new style on the teenager, the older generation tends to stigmatize it as some form of rebellion. What is often ignored is that the young consumers capitulate to what is originated by someone outside of their group. The feelings of individuality and audacity that the teenager gets from a new style of dress result from the propensity of their elders to disparage them. The actual situation is that the clothing fashions soon become accepted by all; there is nothing upsetting or revolutionary about them. While people are becoming complacent about the “new,” the clothing industry is busy planning how to tantalize the teenager with next year’s “fashion.” This arbitrary decision is guaranteed to foment consternation among adults once again in the following year.


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