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English Presentation American Lifestyle vs. European Lifestyle

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English Presentation American Lifestyle vs. European Lifestyle

English Presentation American Lifestyle vs. European Lifestyle

Handout Provided by the Lecturer

  1. What are some factors that can influence various lifestyles led by people all around the world?
  2. In which region do people have to pay for using public toilets?
  3. In which region do people use public transportation more frequently?
  4. How do Europeans attempt to protect the environment?
  5. How do Danish people try to take care of the environment?
  6. In which region do people enjoy more sports events and outdoor activities?
  7. According to the lecture, which group of people live more economically?
  8. Which lifestyle do you prefer more, and why?
  9. In which region do people pay more attention to their health?
  10. Which group of people tend to be multilingual?
  11. In which region are coins more valuable?
  12. In which region are dual flush toilets more frequently used, and why?
  13. What is the meaning of schmoozing?
  14. What is so significant about European table manners?

Corrective Feedback

  1. If you go to the Europe: if you go to Europe
  2. In the France: in France
  3. Listening my presentation: listening to my presentation
  4. It doesn’t exit: it doesn’t exist
  5. Mispronunciations:
    1. various: /ˈveə.ri.əs/ US /ˈver.i-/
    2. European: / jʊərəpiən◂ $ jʊrə- /
    3. Event: /ɪˈvent/

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