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Terms of Service at LELB Society for Members & Students

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Get to know our terms of service at LELB Society. LELB Society as a membership website or online community on WordPress was created on July 7, 2015 to provide its members with premium educational services in the form of online classes, asynchronous learning and flipped learning. We primarily serve English and Persian learners all around the world.

LELB Society’s terms of service

Since the birth of LELB Society back in 2015 by Dr. Mohammad Hossein Hariri Asl, our team has developed numerous content, including thousands of English and Persian lessons with videos embedded from our YouTube channel with 3,000 subscribers exclusively for our registered members.

By becoming a member and joining our online community, you agree to abide by our terms of service that are listed below. This legal agreement between you as a member and us as a service provider should be taken seriously by both of us:

You might also like to visit our disclaimers page before registering at LELB Society.

Members’ liabilities

You as a member are welcome to use our services, such as premium lessons, essay writing practice, free webinars, online classes, discussion boards and forums, etc. to the fullest extent.

However, you don’t have permission to plagiarize our content, particularly the illustrations and images belonging to our English vocabulary category. All these illustrations are original and you cannot find them elsewhere.

We’ve illustrated all the words belonging to the most popular vocabulary coursebooks, namely 504 Absolutely Essential Words, 1100 Words You need to Know to Pass Your Exam, 601 Words You Need to Know to Pass Your Exam, GRE Vocabulary Flashcards, etc. and used all of them in real or authentic context, which is almost unprecedented from a global point of view.

Please note that copyright laws are certainly important to us, and you should take them seriously as well. Furthermore, the category of our IELTS essays submitted to us by our members consists of over 200 original IELTS essays as real models. You are NOT allowed to duplicate the content of this category in one way or another.

Our Persian lessons, especially our Persian stories, are thoroughly original. Hence, any plagiarism or duplication of our Persian lessons is NOT tolerated and could be prosecuted by international law.

Also it is important to note that plagiarism can do more harm than good, especially these days with modern technology, such as intelligent software programs and web-based services like Copyscape, which can easily detect plagiarized and duplicate content.

On the other hand, website owners should be aware that Google will penalize websites with plagiarized content.

Running a membership website and online community, we primarily rely on our members’ monthly fees to make LELB Society even better in the course of time.

This monthly fee shown on our Payment page is quite reasonable and affordable compared to what you can receive as our monthly services. As a result, if you stop paying for your monthly subscription, we would not be able to serve you anymore.

If you, as a member, attend our group classes, you should know that by missing a session (being absent), there wouldn’t be any makeup session for your absences. However, if any class is cancelled by us, which rarely occurs, we will certainly make up for the cancelled class.

You are not allowed to record and publish our private or group classes without our permission. In return, we won’t record and publish our classes either except for our free webinars. This aspect of your privacy and also our privacy is really important to us. Please study our privacy policy page for more information.

Team members’ liabilities

Our team members with free access to our resources should also consider our anti-plagiarism policy that was mentioned above. Since all of your content is published in your own name as the author, you are advised to be extra cautious about developing fresh and original content.

Needless to say that all of your published content, teachings, videos, articles, etc. are organized and categorized on your own authorship page under your own biography, and could be regarded as your reliable resume or CV, which is accessible worldwide.

For the sake of clarity, please consider these two authorship pages belonging to Dr. Mohammad Hossein Hariri Asl and Hajar Aziz Zanjani.

If, for any reason, you decide to stop having cooperation with us, which rarely occurs, or we come to this conclusion that you’re not qualified any longer to be one of our team members, you will NOT be able to claim back your published content at LELB Society.

Your contributions to our online community will become an indispensable part of our database, which cannot be deleted or returned to you. If we have to delete your account for any possible reason, all of your content will be attributed to LELB Society’s Editorial Staff.

Our membership website is in fact a wiki. It means that the content is provided by our team members with active and responsive roles. In other words, we don’t need consumers or passive members. Accordingly, if you evade your responsibilities regarding your weekly contributions, you’ll give us this hint about terminating your account without prior notice.

LELB Society’s liabilities

We will guarantee to provide you with fresh and original content frequently, that is, on a daily basis. If we use external sources, we will definitely acknowledge the source. However, our usage of external sources would be regarded as fair use because we do NOT copy and paste long content from other resources. Instead, we generally limit the length of borrowed content to one or two paragraphs.

The rationale behind this feature is that we help our members learn vocabulary in real context with images. Consequently, we need to refer to external sources as the authentic context.

We also reassure you that our teachers would immediately answer all of your questions and comments posted in our discussion boards and forums. Since asynchronous learning and flipped learning are the building blocks of our online community, language learning at LELB Society is never restricted to limited class time in our online classes.

Conversely, our members can talk and write to our teachers 24/7 without any limitation. So far, we have answered and processed over 4,600 voice and text comments, and the number increases every day.

You can use our asynchronous channels of communications, such as comment forms and forums, to submit your English or Persian essays to us for in-depth analysis. There is technically no limit to the number of your submitted essays during your monthly membership. In addition, we’re obliged to communicate with our members verbally and unlimitedly so that they could practice speaking as much as possible.

We respond to all comments immediately. View the 30 newest comments and new topics in forums, or create a new topic in forums. You can also contact us to leave voice messages.

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