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Disclaimers at LELB Society to Consider before Registration

Last updated on December 8th, 2022 by | Category: LELB Society's Services | 2294 Views | Reading Time: 3 minutes

Please consider the disclaimers at LELB Society before registration. Our disclaimers clearly state our refusal to accept any responsibility to provide you with the following services.

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Disclaimers at LELB Society

  1. LELB Society is not a platform for you to download multimedia files, particularly audios and videos.
  2. Unlike many other institutes, the use of translation in language teaching is NOT welcome. Languages are preferably taught in a direct way with explanations, clarifications, synonyms, antonyms, etc., and translation would be the last resort.
  3. As an international academy, our content at LELB Society, including +3,700 lessons with videos is all original and in real context. In other words, we do NOT practice plagiarism by feeding you the content which is copyrighted elsewhere. As a result, please do not expect to find the content of other books here at LELB Society. Instead, you can expect to study authentic or real content originally written by our team or used by acknowledging the external source at a reasonable volume, e.g. just one paragraph.
  4. LELB Society is NOT suitable for teacher-dependent students. Although our education system is based on both synchronous and asynchronous learning, we intentionally encourage learner autonomy by providing our students with anything they possibly need. The students would then study our materials taught based on flipped learning on their own, and contact our teachers in our voice and text comment forms and forums to resolve their questions and problems.
  5. LELB Society is not recommended to the learners who believe that learning only occurs in online classes. With the help of our growing lessons classified in categories and tags, you can perfectly stand on your own feet and improve your English or Persian almost like nowhere else.
  6. Being an international language academy, we embed videos and podcasts in our lessons from our YouTube channel with 850 videos and 3,000 subscribers.
  7. You can also study our terms of service and privacy policy.