Disclaimers at LELB Society to Consider before Registration

Please consider the disclaimers at LELB Society before registration. Our disclaimers clearly state our refusal to accept any responsibility to provide you with the following services. Watch this video Disclaimers at LELB Society LELB Society is not a platform for you to download multimedia files, particularly audios and videos. Unlike many other institutes, the use … Read more

Second Language Acquisition | TESL Issues

Second Language Acquisition (SLA) Second Language Acquisition (SLA) An abbreviation for Second Language Acquisition. Second Language Acquisition is the common term used for the name of the discipline. In general, SLA refers to the process of learning another language after the native language has been learnt (Gass & Selinker, 2008). Sometimes the term refers to … Read more

Content-Based Instruction | TESL Issues

Content-based Instruction (CBI) Content-based Instruction (CBI), according to Brinton, Snow and Wesche (1989), is the integration of content learning with language teaching aims. More specifically, it refers to the concurrent study of language and subject matter, with the form and sequence of language presentation dictated by content material. Such an approach contrasts sharply with many … Read more

Behaviorism in Language Learning | TESL Issues

Behaviorism Behaviorism Empirical studies were primarily descriptive and totally objective in nature. In the late 1960s and 1970s, a growing consensus was reached that behaviourist theories of L2 learning were inadequate. L2 learners, like L1 learners, were credited with a ‘built-in-syllabus’ (Corder, 1967), which guided their progress. According to the behaviourist hypothesis, the mind of … Read more

Postmethod Pedagogy | TESL Issues

Postmethod Pedagogy Postmethod pedagogy allows us to go beyond and overcome the limitations of method-based pedagogy. Within such a broad-based definition, Kumaravadivelu (2003) visualizes postmethod pedagogy as a 3-dimentional system consisting of pedagogic parameters of: Particularity: The parameter of particularity requires that any language pedagogy must be sensitive to a particular group of teachers teaching … Read more