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Pay for Services at LELB Society – Pricing Table

The pricing table below shows the list of our services and fees, including site membership and online classes. Our new members and students can try all services free before registration.

Please take a tour at LELB Society to know more about our services. In addition, study our terms of service and privacy policy.

Watch this video in both English & Farsi

Pricing table

Monthly site membership50 USD
8 group classes on English or Farsi per month + Monthly site membership150 USD
Private classes on English or Farsi (per hour) + Monthly site membership25 USD

Monthly site membership

  1. Interact with your teacher for ONE month without any limitation by leaving unlimited text or voice messages or comments in our comment forms.
  2. Study 3,800+ English and Persian lessons with videos classified in categories, tags or archives.
  3. Send us unlimited English or Persian essays for deep analysis and scoring.
  4. Join our English and Persian forums and ask us any question you have.
  5. Practice listening with the best text-to-speech software program and tons of videos and podcasts.
  6. Study at least ONE fresh new lesson on English and Persian every day.
  7. Practice learner autonomy and enjoy flipped learning and asynchronous learning.
  8. Pay only for ONE private class, and study for ONE whole month anytime, anywhere with our full support 24/7.
  9. Study the complete list of services available to our site members.
  10. Take a tour at LELB Society to learn more about our services.

Private classes

  1. For private classes on English or Farsi, you need to schedule classes at least once a week at fixed times, for example, on Sundays, from 7:00 to 8:00 pm.
  2. You are charged on a monthly basis for private classes, and if you cancel any session, there would NOT be any make-up session for that. This is because of a huge demand for our online classes and our limited time.
  3. If we cancel any session, we’ll certainly offer you a make-up session for the cancellation.
  4. You cannot change the class time because we have a very busy schedule.
  5. You can select either male or female teachers for private classes. Check out our active teachers with their resumes and profiles at LELB Society.
  6. To try our private classes free before registration, you can be our guest in our group classes for free for one session to evaluate our teaching methodology. You can also check out our YouTube channel, Instagram page or Aparat channel for more insights into our private classes.

Group classes

  1. The maximum number of students in any group class is 5.
  2. Group classes are held twice a week; therefore, 8 sessions per month.
  3. You can try the first session free as a guest in our group classes.
  4. If you cancel any group class, there would NOT be any make-up session for that.

Free membership and discounts

  1. You can join LELB Society’s team of authors, teachers and marketers to enjoy free membership or special discounts.
  2. You can also invite your friends to register at LELB Society for free membership or free online classes.

Pay in Iranian Rials for Iranians

  1. If you live in Iran or would like to pay in Iranian Rials (Iran’s national currency), you can ask for our bank account information in Iran for this purpose.
  2. You need to change the value of our fees from USD (United States Dollar) to Iranian Rials to pay for our services.