Portfolio Assessment in Education = More Learner Autonomy

Student portfolio assessment at LELB Society

In this article, we’re going to cast light on portfolio assessment in education, especially in the field of second language acquisition. As its name indicates, portfolio assessment is a particular type of assessment that promotes learner autonomy and awareness by bringing the archived collection of the assigned materials and completed tasks to the foreground ofRead

Learn Farsi Free with 400 Best Lessons, Videos & Forums

Learn Farsi free with 400 premium Persian lessons and videos and our constant support in the comment forms

Do you like to learn Farsi free and enjoy an excellent educational experience? In this article, we’re going to show you how to enjoy learning Persian online for free with over 400 premium lessons with videos, podcasts, and interactive comment forms for you to ask us your questions. Watch this video on how to learnRead

Social Presence in Online Learning with 10 Best Practices

Social presence in online learning to guarantee learner satisfaction and increase interactivity

Do you wonder how to realize social presence in online learning environments, such as online schools, institutes, universities, and the like? In this article, step-by-step, we’ll guide you through developing and reinforcing the sense of social presence to guarantee learner satisfaction and increase student-student interactivity. First, we’ll define social presence in the context of onlineRead

LELB Society Methodology for English and Persian Students

LELB Society Methodology for English and Persian students in our bilingual academy

In this article, we’re going to elaborate on LELB Society methodology for our English and Persian students in our bilingual academy. LELB Society is a bilingual academy of English and Persian with innovative and practical methods and activities in the realm of second language acquisition. Our 150+ registered students enjoy learning English and Farsi both

فواید یادگیری معکوس و غیر همزمان در قالب عضویت ماهانه

فواید یادگیری معکوس و غیر همزمان به شکل عضویت ماهانه

در این صفحه، به فواید یادگیری معکوس بر اساس آموزش غیر همزمان که به شکل عضویت ماهانه در آکادمی دوزبانه LELB Society ارائه می شود، می پردازیم. این فواید هم در زمینه آموزش زبان فارسی و هم آموزش زبان انگلیسی در آکادمی ما می باشد. مکالمه و مکاتبه نامحدود در طول ماه به جای شرکت

12 Benefits of Asynchronous Learning in Online Education

Benefits of asynchronous learning in online education

Do you want to get more familiar with the emerging concept of asynchronous learning in online education? In this article, we’re going to compare and contrast asynchronous learning with synchronous learning in the growing realm of online courses, particularly second language acquisition. What is asynchronous learning? Asynchronous learning refers to any educational method or curriculum

فواید آموزش غیر همزمان در مقایسه با آموزش همزمان

فواید آموزش غیر همزمان در مقایسه با آموزش همزمان در آموزش آنلاین

در این مقاله، با آموزش غیر همزمان و تاثیر آن در آموزش آنلاین به ویژه آموزش زبان دوم آشنا می شوید و تاثیر آن را با آموزش همزمان مقایسه می کنید. اگرچه آموزش همزمان و غیر همزمان هر دو به شکل آنلاین یا مجازی می باشند، تفاوت های زیادی در بین آنها وجود دارد. آموزش

100 Best Persian Short Stories with English Translation

Best Persian short stories to learn Farsi at LELB Society

Using Persian short stories has appealed to non-Persian speakers who plan to learn Farsi all around the world. This is because Persian literature is enriched with Persian short stories and tales with didactic notes and messages. Why learn Persian with stories? Universality of literature reflected in Persian short stories has noticeably made them such great

Round Table Activity & Asynchronous Learning

round table activity at LELB Society

Round table activity is aimed at providing an exceptional opportunity for English and Persian learners to practice both synchronous and asynchronous learning at the same time. The coinage of round table activity The founder and designer of LELB Society, Dr. Mohammad Hossein Hariri Asl, first thought of the round table activity and coined this term

Disclaimers at LELB Society to Consider before Registration

Avoid English Flashcard LELB Society

Please consider the disclaimers at LELB Society before registration. Our disclaimers clearly state our refusal to accept any responsibility to provide you with the following services. Watch this video Watch this video on YouTube Disclaimers at LELB Society LELB Society is not a platform for you to download multimedia files, particularly audios and videos. Unlike