Guest Posting Guidelines for the LELB Society Blog

Guest posting guidelines for the LELB Society blog

Guest posting for the LELB Society blog is widely welcome because this can give us an opportunity to reflect a broad range of topics by various authors, creators and thinkers. However, due to a large volume of requests from authors and bloggers, we strongly recommend that you consider our guest posting guidelines to increase the

تقویت مهارت رایتینگ زبان – آمادگی تخصصی آزمون های آیلتس و تافل

Essay Writing for IELTS

غالبا تقویت مهارت رایتینگ برای زبان آموزان بسیار سخت به نظر می آید. اما همواره با دانستن راه های بهبود هر مهارتی می توان در آن پیشرفت نمود. در زیر به نکات مهمی که در تقویت مهارت رایتینگ زبان به ویژه برای آزمون آیلتس لازم است اشاره می کنیم. اگر با دقت همه موارد را

Essentials of Practical Writing – Best Writing Book


Essentials of Practical Writing, written by Dr. Mohammad Hossein Hariri Asl and published by Sepahan Publication Center in 2010 in Iran, is intended to help the reader to start writing academically. The promising organization of the materials in the chapters per se helps the ease of understanding on the part of the reader. Essentials of

Verse 504 Absolutely Essential Words Lesson 30

verse LELB Society

Verse 504 Absolutely Essential Words Lesson 30 /vɜːs/ (noun & verb) any short line of a poem or song, verse line, group of lines in a piece of writing, a piece of writing arranged with a metrical rhythm, poetry, rhyme, blank verse – stanza, canto, unit The literary device verse denotes a single line of

IELTS Essay Writing Correction Service for Band 9

Free IELTS Class on Essay Writing Task 2 with complete essay with IELTS candidates

IELTS Essay Writing Correction Service IELTS Essay Writing Correction Service is a unique service provided by LELB Society. You can submit your IELTS essays for both Task 1 and Task 2 to us, and we will provide you with a full assessment of your essays. Samples of IELTS essay writing for Task 1 and Task

Improve IELTS writing skills – Learn English Online

improve IELTS writing skills

Improve IELTS writing skills Improve IELTS writing skills Often, writing skills for learners can be very difficult. But always knowing how to improve each skill can improve it. The following are some of the key points that are needed to enhance your language writing skills. If you use everything carefully, you can be sure that

IELTS Essay on Morality with Corrective Feedback

essay writing on morality with corrections for IELTS

IELTS Essay on Morality IELTS Essay on Morality Essay Question How do you feel about taking a sick day at work when you aren’t ill? Have you ever made unauthorized, personal, long-distance phone calls or taken tools or supplies from work? Have you ever falsified a time card or an expense report? If through a

Essay Writing on Fame and Honor with Correction

essay writing on fame with correction and flashcards for IELTS candidates

Essay Writing on Fame Essay Writing on Fame Essay Question Are honors more likely to come to those who seek them or those who don’t care about fame and think only of their work? How much do fame and accomplishment impress you? Does just knowing you’ve accomplished something worthwhile mean as much to you as

Free English Webinar on Appearance for IELTS

Free English Webinar on Appearance - LELB Society

Free English Webinar on Appearance Free English Webinar on Appearance Physical appearance and confidence Although we cannot judge a book by its cover, in every communication, what comes first is your appearance and what comes next is your personality. I personally believe that, metaphorically speaking, our façade is really effective not only in routine tasks