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Privacy Policy at LELB Society for Members

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Study our privacy policy at LELB Society. Our online community is technically a membership website to learn and practice English and Persian in an educational and enlightening environment exclusively for our members.

Privacy policy at LELB Society

If you plan to join our online community and you’re concerned about your privacy at LELB Society, then this article is for you. You may also like to visit our terms of service and disclaimers pages before registering at LELB Society.

As an international online community with hundreds of members throughout the world, we’re obliged to state our privacy policy as clearly as possible. This becomes even more important as a great proportion of our members and students are young learners who study English or Persian or practice being bilinguals.

It’s quite understandable that our young learners and members’ parents should take the privacy status of their children seriously as we do. To prove it to you, we hereby announce that unlike some other online communities, we do NOT use Telegram or WhatsApp groups in which the telephone numbers or IDs of members are disclosed and accessible to the other members or visitors.

Instead, we’ve installed an optimum live chat system on our website, which is only available to our registered members. This live chat widget allows our young learners to communicate with us and their teachers individually without the necessity of using Telegram, WhatsApp, Skype, and the like, which might make your contact information including your telephone numbers public to all.

Membership via social login

We’ve opted for social login, specifically login with Google, to facilitate login and registration for our members. This way, our members do not need to have unique usernames and passwords stored in our database because they just login with their Google account and with just one click, which is pretty user-friendly.

In other words, you’re just one click away from becoming a registered member. However, to register at LELB Society, first you need to get your account activated by contacting us.

We guarantee that your email address, which is Gmail in our website, will NEVER be revealed publicly or used for commercial purposes. Actually, we don’t even have any active newsletter in our website to send our members emails or notifications from time to time.

By using your Google account to login, you will automatically display your Google profile photo and displayed name when you publish any comment or post as an author or team member at LELB Society. If your Google account does not have any profile photo, a sample photo is generated with the initial letter of your displayed name.

Since our website is only accessible to our members, only the latest 20 comments (20 of 4600 comments) are displayed publicly, and the rest would be available only to our registered members and students.

No page for users

We don’t have any unique page to display our users or members with their profiles simply because our members’ privacy matters so much to us. This seems ironic because our online community is already serving over 120 members worldwide.

Alternatively, we focus our attention on developing fresh and original content both in English and Persian on a daily basis and supporting our members wholeheartedly.

Privacy policy in online classes

We don’t hold our online classes on third-party applications or messengers like Telegram, WhatsApp, Skype, Instagram and the like. We’ve installed and embedded our own applications and widgets on our website to hold our online courses independently.

As a result, you don’t need to worry about making your contact information public, especially in our group classes.

In addition, we never record or publish our online classes. It’s up to you if you like to record your online classes. However, you are not allowed to publish our recorded classes in any other places without prior consent from us.

Nevertheless, as stated clearly, we record and publish our free webinars that are held weekly and any visitor (not just registered members) is welcome to join.

We respond to all comments immediately. View the 30 newest comments and new topics in forums, or create a new topic in forums. You can also contact us to leave voice messages.

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