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Learn Persian Online with 340 Best Lessons for Non-Persian Speakers

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Learn Persian Online at LELB Society with Videos & Podcasts for Non-Persian Speakers

Learn Persian online for all ages, levels and goals at LELB Society with hundreds of categorized Persian lessons enriched with Persian podcasts and videos ideal for non-Persian speakers all around the world. You can watch the following video to get more familiar with our Persian lessons and classes.

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Learn Persian online with 340+ lessons and videos

All Persian lessons at LELB Society are categorized neatly as the following. Please note that the titles and categorizations are basically in Farsi. So, you should know Persian basically to be able to read and understand them. If you don’t know how to read and write in Farsi, check out this category to learn Persian online, especially Persian alphabet with videos.

Persian lessons based on age

Persian lessons based on proficiency levels

Persian lessons for different skills

Persian for special purposes

How to learn Persian online at LELB Society?

There are mainly 3 educational packages for you to start learning Farsi and they’re elaborated as the following:

  1. Monthly membership & subscription
  2. Monthly membership + 8 group classes
  3. Private classes on Farsi

Monthly membership

  1. Access 340+ original Persian lessons closely categorized around the age, proficiency level, skills and goals of any Persian learner. All the lessons are enriched with podcasts, videos, and text and voice comment forms so that you could stay in touch with your Persian teacher 24/7.
  2. Talk and write to your native Persian teacher all the time asynchronously by leaving text and voice messages or comments at the bottom of each lesson, and expecting to receive detailed answers (text & voice) immediately.
  3. Ask us any Persian questions you might have in our text and voice Persian forums for immediate and elaborate responses from your Persian teacher.
  4. Interact with your both Persian teacher and Persian classmates or the other Persian learners at LELB Society asynchronously by exchanging text and voice messages or comments in our organized Persian discussion boards or forums.
  5. Study at least one new Persian lesson on a daily basis with video and comment form.
  6. Send us unlimited Persian essays, compositions or handwritings for thorough analysis and assessment during your monthly membership.
  7. Enter our Persian chat room and chat with our Persian teachers and the other Persian learners as much as you wish.
  8. Ideal for busy students or learners who don’t have enough time to participate in our live or synchronous classes on Farsi
  9. Become an autonomous and independent Persian learner with our full support and assistance 24/7.
  10. Improve your Persian at an incredibly cost-effective price.
  11. Contact us to try all of the mentioned monthly services FREE before registration.

Monthly membership + 8 group classes per month

  • All the above-mentioned services belonging to the monthly membership package + 8 group classes on Farsi during your monthly membership, each lasting for 1 hour (sum = 8 hours per month). The Persian group classes are held twice a week (i.e. 8 sessions per month) for the following 2 age groups: kids and young learners (from 5 to 10 years of age) and teenagers (from 10 to 20 years of age).
  • To have more information about our group classes on Farsi, click here.
  • Contact us to try this Persian learning package free before registration. The first session of our Persian group classes with evaluation and consultation would be totally free.

Private classes on Persian or Farsi

  • Our private students in our Persian classes can access all the services belonging to the monthly membership package free of charge.
  • Our private Persian students can opt for female or male Persian teachers.
  • We would carefully personalize your Persian classes according to your proficiency level, age, needs, learning styles and preferences, interests, goals and objectives, and even your personality traits. This can be achieved through portfolio assessment and elaborate needs analysis taking place before the actual classes free of charge.
  • Our native Persian teachers are bilinguals. That is, they know Persian and English equally well.
  • The minimum number of private classes on Farsi is once a week lasting for one hour. The class time should be fixed to prevent any interruption with our other private classes with the other Persian students.
  • You don’t need any additional application to join our online Persian classes. All of our online Persian classes are held directly on our website.
  • Contact us to try your first Persian class privately for free. Needs analysis, lesson plan, evaluation and assessment would be totally free.