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Leave text and voice comments in our forums and comment forms at the bottom of lessons at LELB Society. We answer all of your questions and respond to your precious opinions and feedback immediately and in great detail. You must be a registered member to leave comments and study English and Persian lessons.

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Create new topics in our forums and ask us unlimited questions in English and Farsi.

Our registered students can create unlimited new topics in our forums and expect to receive immediate detailed answers from our teachers and educators in our academic community. To check if your question has been answered, please visit our new topics page.

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Organized comment forms and forums

Please use one of the forums below to exchange questions, opinions or feedback.

  1. Ask us your English questions.
  2. Ask us your Persian / Farsi questions.
  3. Latest news and events
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Round table activity and commenting

round table activity at LELB Society

To practice both synchronous learning in our online classes and asynchronous learning merged with flipped learning, Dr. Mohammad Hossein Hariri Asl, the founder, designer and chief administrator of LELB Society encourages our students to implement the round table activity.

In our round tables, skill integration can greatly be exercised. In other words, our students can practice the four skills of listening, speaking, reading and writing in the most practical and natural manner. Furthermore, on the premise of collaborative flipped learning and social presence, our round table activity can benefit our students in the following ways:

  1. Our students can practice listening comprehension asynchronously before each live class by watching or listening to tons of embedded videos and podcasts inside the lessons. They can also select any text and listen to the selected text with the help of our installed text-to-speech functionality.
  2. You can improve your reading comprehension before each class by reading some selected passages or text either intensively or extensively. You will be notified of the assigned listening and reading materials in advance.
  3. You can perfectly enrich your advanced and academic vocabulary in context with images. Our built-in visual dictionary and thesaurus have made it extremely easy for you to learn vocabulary in context with images.
  4. You are inspired to leave comments or questions, and reply to the existing comments in our comment forms before each synchronous class. You can also submit your English or Persian essays to us for in-depth analysis and scoring. In this way, you can practice writing in collaboration with your classmates and teachers. Remember that all your grammar mistakes will be corrected.
  5. You can practice speaking in the following two ways: 1) You can interact with your teachers asynchronously by leaving voice messages to them; and 2) you can have discussions over the points raised in our comment forms in our live classes.

English and Persian forums

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English and Persian forums at LELB Society to account for asynchronous learning and social presence

We’re now using categorized English and Persian forums for our students to practice English and Farsi asynchronously and interactively. Our students can criticize films, complete unfinished stories, answer challenging questions for discussion, ask us their English and Farsi questions, and practice essay writing in both English and Farsi in our classified forums.

We respond to all comments immediately. View the 20 newest comments and new topics in forums, or create a new topic in forums.

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