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Cancer – IELTS Speaking Practice

Last updated on April 5, 2021 by in Speaking Practice in English Category with 16 Comments on Cancer – IELTS Speaking Practice, 95 Views and Reading Time: 5 minutes
Cancer – IELTS Speaking Practice Cancer – IELTS Speaking Practice Questions about the Video File: What are the building blocks of our organs? How is cancer developed? Why are cancer cells multiplied outrageously? How is a tumor formed? Where is all the vital information about each cell stored? What is mutation and what causes it?

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16 comments on “Cancer – IELTS Speaking Practice”

  1. Among the following topics, which one do you prefer for the next session?
    Please reply to this post.
    1. Body-language
    2. Charity
    3. Criticism
    4. Dealing with Death
    5. Dreams
    6. Extroverted vs. introverted
    7. Feedback
    8. Feng shui
    9. Generosity
    10. Intuition
    11. Mindfulness
    12. NLP
    13. Placebo Effect
    14. Satire
    15. Self-discipline
    16. Setting goals
    17. Sixth Sense
    18. Spirituality
    19. Successful relationship
    20. Taking Actions
    21. Telepathy
    22. Your Appearance

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