LELB Society on WordPress

LELB Society is running WordPress as the content management system (CMS) to meet the needs of our English and Persian members and students. The selection of WordPress as our CMS is not accidental. In fact, back in 2010, Dr. Mohammad Hossein Hariri Asl first created the brand of LELB Society on webs.com, which is a free website builder of course on a different domain.

LELB Society on Drupal

After one year, I decided to run my site more professionally, and installed it on Drupal.org on a shared hosting service from greengeeks.com. I found Drupal not a very good user-friendly CMS because, on many occasions, I used to get php fatal errors.

LELB Society on Blogger

Afterwards, I chose Blogger.com from Google to run my website / weblog with the same brand, that is, LELB Society. At that time, I was the owner of www.lelbs.com as my domain. Running my website on blogger.com could not satisfy me and my students because I could not create an online community with some specific features, including an accessible database, installing plugins to expand the functionality of my website, and above all, running a membership website. As a result, I had to find another alternative.

LELB Society on WordPress

It was my 33rd birthday, July 7th, 2015, that I purchased the current domain, that is, LELB.net, pointing to my new website on WordPress from iFastnet.com, and it was the birth of LELB Society on WordPress. My prior experience with other CMSs compared to WordPress immediately made me so passionate about WordPress that I made up my mind to continue with WordPress until the present moment.

From that time on, I’ve been working on LELB Society day in, day out. I’ve studied thousands of articles on how to manage and maintain websites on WordPress, optimize WordPress speed, improve its security, learn about its themes and plugins, and many other aspects of website development. I’ve also accepted some website development and design services for other people and companies running on WordPress.

After a couple of years, iFastnet.com could not meet our needs at LELB Society. So, I transferred my site to hostgator.com, and then in the next year, siteground.com on shared hosting plans. After 2 years, in 2020, I decided not to use shared hosting plans anymore. Instead, I migrated my WordPress website and its database to a Virtual Private Server (VPS). At first, it was difficult for me to run my website on VPS as you’re totally responsible for any fatal error or technical issues that might emerge from nowhere. However, I’ve been learning a lot from 2020 to the present moment, thanks to an abundance of free tutorials and resources, such as wpbeginner.com.

100% WordPress speed at LELB Society

Although LELB Society today has hundreds of English and Persian students or members worldwide with thousands of English and Persian lessons, its WordPress speed is totally perfect calculated by Google’s PageSpeed Insights. Running our website on VPS and using a content delivery network (CDN) have helped us tremendously to optimize the speed of our WordPress website. Furthermore, at LELB Society, we only use any plugin or theme that is absolutely necessary. As a result, the number of used plugins and themes at LELB Society is genuinely below 10, and the other functionalities have been taken care of with standard PHP and JavaScript codes.

LELB Society on CloudFlare

Our domain (lelb.net) is now on cloudflare.com for speed and security purposes. CloudFlare has protected our website against DDoS or distributed denial of service attacks. Consequently, less burden would be placed on the shoulder of our web server. On the other hand, our users from different parts of the world can access our website equally fast, which per se has made LELB Society a global brand.

LELB Society is a bilingual academy

As native Iranians, we run a bilingual academy here at LELB Society serving both English and Persian students worldwide, and fortunately, in both language departments, we’ve been really successful. A good testimony to our success in both English and Persian departments is that, in terms of English, we have developed the most advanced and comprehensive visual vocabulary builder in context for advanced ESL learners including over 2,400 advanced vocabulary items in real context with illustrations.

Regarding our Persian department, our team has developed over 300 original lessons on Farsi in the form of Persian stories, Persian alphabet, practicing the 4 skills in Farsi, Persian grammar, and the like organized around themes, proficiency levels and even the age groups of our Persian learners, which we believe to be unprecedented. All Persian lessons are enriched with video tutorials, and voice and text comment forms to make our Persian students independent and autonomous through flipped learning or flipped classroom.

LELB Society is getting better and better every day

From the birth of LELB Society in July of 2015 to the present time, Dr. Mohammad Hossein Hariri Asl and the other authors and contributors have been making valuable contributions to this online academy without any interruption. We have published thousands of English and Persian lessons in categories to organize them and make them more easily accessible to our students and members. In addition, we have made over 800 original video tutorials in our YouTube channel with over 2,800 subscribers worldwide. Our videos are embedded in our lessons to provide our students with a better learning experience.

These statistics show that we are highly motivated to make LELB Society even better in the course of time on the premise of the cumulative effect because, in principle, the first learner at LELB Society has always been Dr. Hariri, who is the creator of this community.