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Learn Vocabulary in Context with Images 2560 Words

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Learn vocabulary in context with images and illustrations to master and remember them almost forever. In the category of English Vocabulary in Context, we’ve illustrated over 2,300 academic vocabulary even the most abstract words and phrases to make it easier and faster for our students to master and retain abstract academic vocabulary almost forever.

Learn vocabulary in context with synonyms

Learning abstract and difficult vocabulary with images can activate the right hemisphere of your brain, and as a result, you can retain and recall them for a longer period of time (if not forever). Furthermore, we believe that people with hearing loss can benefit from the category of English Vocabulary at LELB Society including over 2,300 meticulously illustrated vocabulary because the visual perception of these people naturally tries to compensate for their hearing disability, and they can tap into this unique and unprecedented privilege at LELB Society.

It is important to add that all of these illustrated vocabulary items have been developed by Dr. Mohammad Hossein Hariri Asl, the created and chief administrator of LELB Society, over an extended period of time over 6 years without having any sponsor or relying on advertisement.

As a consequence, to stay motivated to carry on the ongoing pursuit of developing more visual vocabulary, we’ve made LELB Society a private academy accessible only to our registered students. However, new students are always welcome to try our English Vocabulary category free before registration.

To exemplify how our visual vocabulary builder system works in action, we encourage you to consider the following examples among over 2,300 other words and phrases:

carpe diempanegyricintransigenteuthanasiadeignsiestacharismahyperboleobloquyreplenishcapriciousgratuitydeclivitybevysublimemyopicophthalmologistvendettapsychopathephemeral

Vocabulary categorized around themes or subjects

The English Vocabulary category at LELB Society includes over 2,300 academic vocabulary items with definitions, real examples in authentic context, synonyms, antonyms, parts of speech, similar words, collocations, expressive images or illustrations and text-to-speech technology. What’s more, all the vocabulary items are carefully categorized around themes or subjects with the help of the tagging or keywording feature of WordPress, the Content Management System (CMS) that LELB Society has been created upon.

Tags and Keywords at LELB Society

To give you an example of this special categorization of English words and phrases (so far, over 19,000 tags and keywords through the tagging system of WordPress), we call your attention to the following keywords or tags. Upon clicking on any of the following tags or keywords, you will find all the semantically relevant vocabulary items on the specified theme or subject:

Listening comprehension

Thanks to the installed text-to-speech technology of the greatest quality, which is incredibly similar to human voice, LELB Society’s members and students can select any word, phrase, paragraph or the entire text of an article and listen to the selected text on demand. In fact, LELB Society is talking.


Reading comprehension

Our visual vocabulary builder at LELB Society is technically much more than just an application or program to help you expand your vocabulary. This is because of the fact that our students can ideally learn advanced academic vocabulary in real or authentic context, such as books, magazines, scripts of films, websites, etc.

In other words, for each word or phrase, there is a short passage together with the link to the main source of the excerpt. In this way, ESL learners can perfectly improve their reading comprehension as well as expanding academic vocabulary in context.

English vocabulary in categories

It is important to note that in the above-mentioned categories, we’ve just borrowed the individual words or phrases from the relevant vocabulary books from Barron’s Educational Series. In other words, the definitions, authentic examples, synonyms, antonyms, collocations, parts of speech and illustrations are the product of our continuous effort at LELB Society over an extended period of time from July 7, 2015 to the present moment.

Speaking practice through vocabulary enrichment

Unlike the majority of current online communities, our students at LELB Society can communicate with their teachers both synchronously in our live online classes and asynchronously by leaving voice messages through our installed widget only available to our students.

The students can read out the vocabulary items, record their voice and submit it to us for assessment. In this way, they can communicate with the teacher asynchronously but all the time. They can also interact with the other students using the same method.

Practice writing while expanding your vocabulary

All of our students are encouraged to make great use of the text and voice comment form located at the bottom of each lesson to practice writing in the form of leaving questions or comments on each vocabulary lesson.

All teachers and editors at LELB Society will answer any text or voice comment or question immediately and accurately. For instance, our students can make their own examples or sentences about any vocabulary lesson. To access thousands of comments made by our students, check out LELB Society’s forums.

We respond to all comments immediately. View the 30 newest comments and new topics in forums, or create a new topic in forums. You can also contact us to leave voice messages.

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