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Declivity GRE Vocabulary Flashcard

Declivity GRE Vocabulary Flashcard


a surface that slopes downward, decline, drop, fall, plunge, descent, downward slope, downward inclination, tilt, slant, grade, dip


As you hike down on a declivity of a hill, the dynamics of your footfall stay much the same while cycling. The part of your leg doing most of the work is your quads. As your knee bends, your quads perform an action called eccentric controlled lowering. They are, essentially, your brakes. The wheel, like the foot, keeps rolling along. Your brakes control the rate at which they roll. And, unless you allow your tires to skid (and there’s rarely an excuse for that—it can ruin your control), your wheel will cause no more damage to the trail than your shoes.




Parts of speech

Adjective: declivitous

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