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Blight GRE Vocabulary Flashcard

Blight GRE Vocabulary Flashcard

/blaɪt/ (noun & verb)


Verb: to destroy and damage something, ruin, spoil, disfigure, mar, afflict, wreck, plague, shatter, impair, maim, deface

Noun: disfigurement, destructive force, damage, scar, stain – a plant disease


When late snow and ice storms happen after new growth has begun, tender new buds and leaves can freeze and die back. Frustratingly, that same snow can also be insulating! When winter storms bring extended periods of low or freezing temperatures, it’s the exposed leaves and branches that can be blighted or damaged while the buried portions are protected from extreme temperatures.

Roads and sidewalks are often treated with road salt (or other “ice melt” products) to keep them from being coated with dangerous ice. While it may be beneficial to us (at least from a slip-and-fall perspective), road salt is notoriously damaging to plants. If you notice brown, dead patches on shrubs in late spring, it’s probably because of salt burn. When plants are dehydrated during winter, damage from road salt intensifies.



fix, repair, amend, ameliorate, improve, restore, redress

Parts of speech

Adjective: blighted

Noun: blighter

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