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Oblique GRE Vocabulary Flashcard

Oblique GRE Vocabulary Flashcard

/əʊˈbliːk/ (adj)

indirect and not straightforward, devious, misleading, evasive, implicit, implied – sloping and joining something at an angle that is not a right angle, not parallel or perpendicular, slanting, slanted, diagonal, tilted, tangential

There are three kinds of asymptotes: horizontal, vertical and oblique. For curves given by the graph of a function y = ƒ(x), horizontal asymptotes are horizontal lines that the graph of the function approaches as x tends to +∞ or −∞. Vertical or perpendicular asymptotes are vertical lines near which the function grows without bound. An oblique asymptote has a slope that is non-zero but finite, such that the graph of the function approaches it as x tends to +∞ or −∞.


Antonyms: direct, straightforward, upright

Noun: obliqueness

Adverb: obliquely

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