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English Negotiation Android vs. iPhone Smartphones

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English Negotiation Android vs. iPhone Smartphones

English Negotiation Android vs. iPhone Smartphones

About this activity

  1. Remember that a negotiation is NOT a even if it is against your own will.
  2. Please make it clear if you genuinely mean that, or you are simply pretending to make this claim.
  3. Depending on the should be well-prepared and quick on the trigger.
  4. You can rehearse your performance with a friend before holding our negotiations.
  5.   of the assigned If I were you, I would also say…
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  • Topic for Negotiation:

     Android smartphones are better than iPhone smartphones.

    Arash ? Sasan

    A variety of cellphones, including Samsung, LG, Nokia, etc.Just smartphones manufactured by Apple Company
    Open source softwareNot open source software
    More cost-effectiveMore expensive
    More customizableLess customizable
    Language: JavaScript, requiring more coding, thus slower performanceLanguage: Swift & Objective-C, requiring less coding, thus faster performance
    1. What is one of the disadvantages of open source software?
    2. Which platform is more secure, and why?
    3. What is the most popular operating system installed on personal computers?

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