English Presentation on Metaverse + Reading Passage

English presentation on metaverse and new reality on the internet with reading comprehension given by LELB Society’s students and members with feedback. Join LELB Society’s students and members and give unlimited presentations in both English and Persian. English presentation on metaverse Reading practice on metaverse What is the metaverse? The metaverse concept isn’t new. It … Read more

Content-based Instruction in L2 Learning

Content-based instruction in second language learning refers to the employment of carefully selected themes or materials to teach a second language. If you think your students are bored with second language learning, you can implement content-based instruction to give them more motivation in second language acquisition. What is content-based instruction? Content-based instruction or CBI centralizes … Read more

Interactivity and Social Presence PhD Thesis

Interactivity and Social Presence is the topic of Dr. Mohammad Hossein Hariri Asl’s Ph.D. thesis in Teaching English as a Foreign Language. PhD Thesis Title Interactivity and Social Presence: Two Ingredients for Creating an Effective Online Learning Community Researcher Dr. Mohammad Hossein Hariri Asl, Ph.D. in TEFL Advisor Seyyedeh Susan Marandi, Ph.D. Reader Parviz Maftoon, … Read more

IELTS Essay on Social Media with Deep Analysis

An IELTS essay on social media with essay question and full essay model. This essay is thoroughly analyzed and scored. This essay has been submitted to us by our members. IELTS question on social media Some people believe that social media these days are doing more harm than good, especially by causing internet addiction among … Read more

Metaverse – Reading Practice with Vocabulary in Context

Practice reading and listening comprehension on Metaverse and expand your academic vocabulary in context. Watch the embedded video as a documentary on the Metaverse. You can also select any text and listen to the selected text to improve your listening comprehension. Listening practice Reading practice What is the metaverse? It’s a combination of multiple elements … Read more

English Presentation Attention Span

English Presentation Attention Span English Presentation Attention Span Handout Provided by the Lecturer What is attention span? According to the scientists’ findings, has our attention span been lengthened or shortened in comparison to the past? Why isn’t people’s attention span long enough these days? How could message notifications undermine your attention span? How can we improve … Read more

Internet Access IELTS Writing Task 2

Internet Access IELTS Writing Task 2 Internet Access IELTS Writing Task 2 Topic: Nowadays, even young children have access to the internet, which is most of the time unsupervised. Discuss the social and behavioral problems that might arise from this type of internet access without any parental control.  Essayist: Sasan Today, the internet use((internet use)) is ubiquitous … Read more

English Negotiation Android vs. iPhone Smartphones

English Negotiation Android vs. iPhone Smartphones English Negotiation Android vs. iPhone Smartphones About this activity Remember that a negotiation is NOT a Lecture: Noun 1. a formal talk on a serious or specialist subject given to a group of people, especially students: We went to a lecture on Italian art. Who’s giving the lecture this afternoon? … Read more

Distance Learning | An IELTS Essay Sample

Distance Learning | An IELTS Essay Sample Distance Learning | An IELTS Essay Sample Topic: Thanks to considerable advancements in technology, particularly the internet, distance learning is increasing at an incredibly rapid pace.  Do you think e-learning will have outgrown traditional learning taking place in face-to-face classes by the end of the 21st century? Support … Read more