Add WhatsApp Button to Website WordPress without Plugin

Do you like to add a WhatsApp button to your WordPress website? In this article, we’ll show you how to add WhatsApp button to website WordPress without plugin. But first, let’s see why you should integrate WhatsApp into your WordPress website? Video on: add WhatsApp button to website WordPress without plugin Why add WhatsApp button … Read more

English Presentation on Metaverse + Reading Passage

English presentation on metaverse and new reality on the internet with reading comprehension given by LELB Society’s students and members with feedback. Join LELB Society’s students and members and give unlimited presentations in both English and Persian. English presentation on metaverse Reading practice on metaverse What is the metaverse? The metaverse concept isn’t new. It … Read more

IELTS Essay on Internet Addiction with Full Essay & Analysis

IELTS essay on internet addiction with full essay and essay question submitted to us by our members as IELTS candidates. Study this IELTS essay and ask us any question you might have. If you are a member, you can also submit your essays to us for deep analysis. IELTS question on internet addiction Some people … Read more

IELTS Essay on Social Media with Deep Analysis

An IELTS essay on social media with essay question and full essay model. This essay is thoroughly analyzed and scored. This essay has been submitted to us by our members. IELTS question on social media Some people believe that social media these days are doing more harm than good, especially by causing internet addiction among … Read more

Metaverse – Reading Practice with Vocabulary in Context

Practice reading and listening comprehension on Metaverse and expand your academic vocabulary in context. Watch the embedded video as a documentary on the Metaverse. You can also select any text and listen to the selected text to improve your listening comprehension. Listening practice Reading practice What is the metaverse? It’s a combination of multiple elements … Read more

Rife 1100 Words You Need Week 19 Day 4

Rife 1100 Words You Need Rife 1100 Words You Need /rʌɪf/ (adj) found frequently and widely, widespread, ubiquitous, existing everywhere, of common occurrence, prevalent, endemic abounding, full, rampant, replete, loaded, stuffed, packed Rumors generally run rife in conflict areas, and have played a key role in igniting episodes of intense violence, from ethnic riots to … Read more

English Vocabulary about Social Life for IELTS

English Vocabulary about Social Life Affinity (noun) feeling of identification, similarity or connection among people, fellow feeling, empathy, sympathy, resemblance, correspondence, attraction: I tried to restore the sense of affinity between John and his father by seeking a reconciliation. Although we should let bygones be bygones, I can never forget your reluctance to show any … Read more

Free English Webinar on Social Media for IELTS

Free English webinar on social media Addiction to social media As the lecturer claimed in the video, social media are designed to be addictive. There are attention engineers whom are hired by big companies that borrow principles from gambling machines into the social media to make it highly addictive. These companies earn profits by catching … Read more

English Presentation Attention Span

English Presentation Attention Span English Presentation Attention Span Handout Provided by the Lecturer What is attention span? According to the scientists’ findings, has our attention span been lengthened or shortened in comparison to the past? Why isn’t people’s attention span long enough these days? How could message notifications undermine your attention span? How can we improve … Read more

English Negotiation Print Books vs. E-books

English Negotiation Print Books vs. E-books English Negotiation Print Books vs. E-books About this activity Remember that a negotiation is NOT a lecture or monologue, and you should take equal turns in the negotiations. Please note that this activity is like a game, and you should prepare yourself to defend your position even if it is against your own will. Please make it clear … Read more