English Vocabulary about Social Life for IELTS

English vocabulary about social life

English Vocabulary about Social Life

Affinity (noun)

feeling of identification, similarity or connection among people, fellow feeling, empathy, sympathy, resemblance, correspondence, attraction:

I tried to restore the sense of affinity between John and his father by seeking a reconciliation.

Although we should let bygones be bygones, I can never forget your reluctance to show any affinity.

Amity (noun)

friendliness and peaceful relations, cordiality, friendship, harmony:

Just after John arrived at the party, amity boosted among guests, thanks to his tactful and light-hearted personality.

It is essential that some amity be injected into the world.

Camaraderie (noun)

A good relationship among the people, brotherhood, companionship, comradeship, bonhomie, conviviality, togetherness:

There is a great sense of camaraderie among the teammates.

Camaraderie is one of the preliminary traits of developing prolonged team spirit.

Confronted with challenging circumstances, people would generally form a sense of camaraderie.

Confidant / confidante (noun)

comrade, Chum

Mothers are usually likely the first confidants of anybody.

You should have a strong personality if you do not have any confidants in your life.

Convivial (adj)

I believe breakfast is the best time to have a convivial conversation with a friend.

Your convivial sentences are not sincere, tell them to the Marines.

Esprit de corps (noun)

Extroverted (adj)

An Introverted person seems lethargic compared to an extroverted one.

Extroverted people would rather socialize with different folks from all walks of life.

Fraternity (noun)

Every fraternity usually has its own jargon, language and set of jokes.

The world is suffering from lack of fraternity.

Gregarious (adj)

clubbable, being a social butterfly, sociable:

Being gregarious in cyberspace demands less skills compared to real life.

Being over-gregarious is an egregious mistake that I can only chalk up to experience.

Solidarity (noun)

One of the main responsibilities of a great leader among a group is to preserve solidarity of members.

We cannot take any further steps in this project unless you show your solidarity.

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48 thoughts on “English Vocabulary about Social Life for IELTS”

    1. Camaraderie came to English from French around 1835.
      Synonyms: Comradeship, Bonhomie, Conviviality, Togetherness

      ✔Confronted with challenging circumstances, people generally would form a sense of camaraderie.
      [Conditional sentences type II]

      1. You correct my sentence as below:
        Mothers are usually likely the first confidants of anybody.
        I think “confidante” is the best choice for this sentence. Because it refers to “Mothers” and it should be singular due to “the first”.

        1. You’re right about “confidante” as the feminine noun. However, after “the first” and “the last”, you could also use a plural noun. E.g. the first days of school were rather horrifying. You should also note that confidantes refers to “mothers”, which is plural.
          Thanks for asking.

            1. Yes, it was intentional. Consider the following example:
              Correct: This is the book I was talking about.
              Incorrect: This is the book I was talking abut it.
              The same principle applies to this sentence. “It” should be omitted because we’ve already talked about it in the same sentence.
              Thanks for asking. It shows you’re paying specific attention to the details.

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