Learn English Vocabulary with Pictures 2820+ Visual Words

Learn English vocabulary with pictures and in real context including 2820+ academic vocabulary

Do you want to learn English vocabulary with pictures to remember new words for a longer period of time if not forever? Visual learning is an effective way to learn English vocabulary for longer retention. In addition, learning vocabulary with images compared to plain text can make vocabulary learning more fun. Watch this video on:Read

آموزش مبتنی بر محتوا در یادگیری زبان دوم – 8 نکته طلایی

آموزش مبتنی بر محتوا در یادگیری زبان دوم

آیا زبان آموزان شما خیلی زود از یادگیری زبان دوم خسته می شوند؟ می خواهید با آموزش مبتنی بر محتوا آشنا شوید؟ در این مقاله، شما را با آموزش مبتنی بر محتوا در زمینه یادگیری زبان دوم آشنا می کنیم. ویدیوی این مقاله درباره آموزش مبتنی بر محتوا Watch this video on YouTube آموزش مبتنیRead

Social Presence in Online Learning with 10 Best Practices

Social presence in online learning to guarantee learner satisfaction and increase interactivity

Do you wonder how to realize social presence in online learning environments, such as online schools, institutes, universities, and the like? In this article, step-by-step, we’ll guide you through developing and reinforcing the sense of social presence to guarantee learner satisfaction and increase student-student interactivity. First, we’ll define social presence in the context of onlineRead

LELB Society Methodology for English and Persian Students

LELB Society Methodology for English and Persian students in our bilingual academy

In this article, we’re going to elaborate on LELB Society methodology for our English and Persian students in our bilingual academy. LELB Society is a bilingual academy of English and Persian with innovative and practical methods and activities in the realm of second language acquisition. Our 150+ registered students enjoy learning English and Farsi both

Best Presentation in English for Students 70+ Lectures

Presentation in English for students to practice speaking and receive professional feedback

Giving a presentation in English for students might be a formidable task because on the one hand, English is a second or foreign language for the student, and on the other hand, giving a presentation in your mother tongue could also be a big challenge. ESL students should improve their fluence, accuracy, and people skills

LELB Meaning in LELB Society to Learn English & Persian

LELB meaning in LELB Society as a bilingual academy of English and Persian

Are you curious to know about the LELB meaning in LELB Society? Recently, some visitors and members at LELB Society have asked us about the meaning of LELB, and therefore, I decided to explain about that in this article. Watch this video about LELB meaning Watch this video on YouTube LELB meaning in LELB Society

Best Comment Box UI Practices for Better UX 8 Great Tips

Best Comment Box UI practices for a better UX in your website visitors

Do you need to optimize your comment box UI (User Interface) to encourage more interaction and increase your visitors’ Time on Site or visit duration on your website? Did you know that by improving your comment form UI, you can definitely engineer a far greater UX or User Experience for your visitors? If your answer

70+ Good English Documentaries to Learn English With

Good English documentaries to learn English with including 70 best English documentaries

Can you improve your English with good English documentaries? How can documentaries help you master English vocabulary and practice different skills almost at the same time? These questions and some others of the same type are recently raised by our ESL learners, and in this article, we’re going to answer them. Watch this video on

Best Farsi Classes for Adults with 4000 Lessons & Videos

Best Farsi classes for adults with 4000 lessons and videos

Are you searching for Farsi classes for adults? If that is the case, then congratulations! You’ve already found the best Persian courses for adults including both synchronous or live classes on Farsi and asynchronous learning based on 4000+ Persian and English lessons with videos and our full support 24/7. Persian language resources for adults Teaching

Content-based Instruction in L2 Learning

Content-based instruction in language learning

Content-based instruction in second language learning refers to the employment of carefully selected themes or materials to teach a second language. If you think your students are bored with second language learning, you can implement content-based instruction to give them more motivation in second language acquisition. What is content-based instruction? Content-based instruction or CBI centralizes