LELB Society Methodology for English and Persian Students

LELB Society Methodology for English and Persian students in our bilingual academy

In this article, we’re going to elaborate on LELB Society methodology for our English and Persian students in our bilingual academy. LELB Society is a bilingual academy of English and Persian with innovative and practical methods and activities in the realm of second language acquisition. Our 150+ registered students enjoy learning English and Farsi both

Best Presentation in English for Students 70+ Lectures

Presentation in English for students to practice speaking and receive professional feedback

Giving a presentation in English for students might be a formidable task because on the one hand, English is a second or foreign language for the student, and on the other hand, giving a presentation in your mother tongue could also be a big challenge. ESL students should improve their fluence, accuracy, and people skills

70+ Good English Documentaries to Learn English With

Good English documentaries to learn English with including 70 best English documentaries

Can you improve your English with good English documentaries? How can documentaries help you master English vocabulary and practice different skills almost at the same time? These questions and some others of the same type are recently raised by our ESL learners, and in this article, we’re going to answer them. Watch this video on

Round Table Activity & Asynchronous Learning

round table activity at LELB Society

Round table activity is aimed at providing an exceptional opportunity for English and Persian learners to practice both synchronous and asynchronous learning at the same time. The coinage of round table activity The founder and designer of LELB Society, Dr. Mohammad Hossein Hariri Asl, first thought of the round table activity and coined this term

Comments and Forums at LELB Society

Leave voice and text comments at LELB Society to learn asynchronously

New Comments and Replies Leave text and voice comments in our forums and comment forms at the bottom of lessons at LELB Society. We answer all of your questions and respond to your precious opinions and feedback immediately and in great detail. You must be a registered member to leave comments and study English and Persian

Content-Based Instruction | TESL Issues

TESL Issues LELB Society

Content-based Instruction (CBI) Content-based Instruction (CBI), according to Brinton, Snow and Wesche (1989), is the integration of content learning with language teaching aims. More specifically, it refers to the concurrent study of language and subject matter, with the form and sequence of language presentation dictated by content material. Such an approach contrasts sharply with manyRead

Language Learning Strategies | TESL Issues

Language Learning Strategies Language Learning Strategies They are mental and communicative procedures learners use in order to learn and use language. Strategies can help the students to increase their level of consciousness and awareness over their learning process. Learning strategies are perhaps best defined in terms of a set of characteristics that figure in mostRead