Competence and Internal Language | TESL Issues

Competence Competence corresponds to the I-language (Internal Language). Competency is the speaker/hearer’s knowledge of his language. It’s an abstract version of knowledge. Competency is independent of situation. It represent what the speaker knows in the abstract. The different types of competence are: grammatical competency, linguistic competency, communicative competency, pragmatic competency, Communicative Competency: Discourse Competency: The … Read more

Formative Assessment | An IELTS Essay Sample

Formative Assessment | An IELTS Essay Sample Formative Assessment | An IELTS Essay Sample ? Topic: Nowadays, scholars in the field of education contend that formative assessment (as opposed to summative assessment), in which more consideration is given to the lengthy process of learning rather than final examinations, should be applied to academic education. What … Read more

Input Hypothesis Specifications | TESL Lessons

Input Hypothesis Input Hypothesis Krashen’s Input Hypothesis explicitly rejects a role for consciousness, claiming that “acquisition” is a subconscious process. Krashen assumed a ‘language acquisition device’, that is, an innate mental structure capable of handling both first and second language acquisition. The input activates this innate structure. But only input of a very specific kind … Read more