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Consummate 1100 Words You Need Week 17 Day 1

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Consummate 1100 Words You Need

Consummate 1100 Words You Need

/ˈkɒn.sə.mət/ (adj & verb)

Adjective: perfect and supreme, excellent and flawless, ideal, complete, skillful, accomplished, competent

Verb: to complete a marriage or a romantic relationship by having sexual intercourse, carry out, accomplish

Our doors and windows are crafted with consummate skill to last for generations and beyond.

Source: https://www.lionwood.co.uk/

I won’t call Schiff a “congenital liar” — as Fox News personality Sean Hannity does nightly — but only because the term excuses Schiff of personal responsibility for his behavior. I don’t think it was his genes that made Schiff into a consummate liar but rather his narcissistic personality.

Source: https://www.realclearpolitics.com/

The religious, cultural, or legal significance of consummation may arise from theories of marriage as having the purpose of producing legally recognized descendants of the partners, or of providing sanction to their sexual acts together, or both, and its absence may amount to treating a marriage ceremony as falling short of completing the state of being married, or as creating a marriage which may later be repudiated. Thus in some legal systems a marriage may be annulled if it has not been consummated. Consummation is also relevant in the case of a common law marriage. The importance of consummation has led to the development of various bedding rituals.

Source: https://en.wikipedia.org/

Antonyms: imperfect, inept

Adverb: consummately

Adjective: consummatory, consummative

Noun: consummator, consummation

Farsi: تمام و کمال، رسیده، عروسی کردن، به وصل رسیدن، انجام دادن

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