Best Comment Box UI Practices for Better UX 8 Great Tips

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12 Benefits of Asynchronous Learning in Online Education

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Semantics Definition & Meaning from 601 Words

Semantics definition and meaning in real context in linguistics for advanced learners of English and students of linguistics. Improve your scientific vocabulary in context with images and practice listening and reading comprehension. /sɪˈmæn.tɪks/ (noun) Semantics definition the scientific study of intended meaning and interpretations in a language, semantics also includes the study of symbols or … Read more

Content-based Instruction in L2 Learning

Content-based instruction in second language learning refers to the employment of carefully selected themes or materials to teach a second language. If you think your students are bored with second language learning, you can implement content-based instruction to give them more motivation in second language acquisition. What is content-based instruction? Content-based instruction or CBI centralizes … Read more

Interactivity and Social Presence PhD Thesis

Interactivity and Social Presence is the topic of Dr. Mohammad Hossein Hariri Asl’s Ph.D. thesis in Teaching English as a Foreign Language. PhD Thesis Title Interactivity and Social Presence: Two Ingredients for Creating an Effective Online Learning Community Researcher Dr. Mohammad Hossein Hariri Asl, Ph.D. in TEFL Advisor Seyyedeh Susan Marandi, Ph.D. Reader Parviz Maftoon, … Read more

Adaptive Control of Thought Model – Best Explanation

Adaptive Control of Thought Model or the ACT model puts emphasis on the role of practice in the transitional change of knowledge. Anderson assumes that conversion of declarative knowledge into procedural knowledge is crucial for learning complex skills including speech production (DeKeyser, 2007; Johnson, 1989). Adaptive Control of Thought Model Anderson’s ACT Model helps us … Read more

Teachability Hypothesis – Best Explanation

Teachability Hypothesis relates to the Chomskian concept of a natural or pre-determined ‘universal’ order for language acquisition. Teachability Hypothesis According to Pienemann (1989), the teachability of language is constrained by what the learner is ready to acquire. In terms of grammar, he believes that “every learner builds up his or her own grammar” (p. 53). In … Read more

Morphology – Definition and Examples in Real Context

Definition of morphology with real examples and in authentic context with synonyms and illustrations as a technical terms in biology and linguistics for GRE candidates /môrˈfäləjē/ (noun) Definition (in linguistics) the scientific study of word formation in linguistics, e.g. the patterns of derivation and inflections, dialectology, etymology (in biology) a special branch of biology dealing … Read more

Critical Period Hypothesis – Best Definition + 10 Points

Critical Period Hypothesis or CPH refers to a theory according to which children and young learners before puberty can learn any language(s) they’re exposed to very easily. Lenneberg hypothesized that cerebral dominance for language did not characterise the initial state of children, but developed gradually from about age two, complete only at puberty. This hypothesis … Read more

Flipped Classroom in Online Language Classes in 2022

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