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Leave text and voice comments in our forums and comment forms at the bottom of lessons at LELB Society. We answer all of your questions and respond to your precious opinions and feedback immediately and in great detail. You must be a registered member to leave comments and study English and Persian lessons. Organized comment forms … Read more

Use Creativity to Start Up a Business successfully and Effectively

Use creativity to start up a business Use creativity to start up a business Creative thinking leads to success for most aspiring entrepreneurs. Firstly, the initial idea is shaped in your thoughts by “thinking outside the box”. Then, new ideas require analytical and logical thinking for implementation in action. The creative side of your abilities … Read more

Recast and Feedback in Language Learning | TESL Issues

Recast Recast is another form of feedback, though they are less direct and more subtle than other forms of feedback. A recast is a reformulation of an incorrect utterance that maintains the original meaning of the utterance where the NS reformulates the NNS’s incorrect utterances. Recasts are complex, for instance, is it a partial recast? … Read more

Error Analysis and Feedback | TESL Issues

Error Analysis Error Analysis (EA) The history of error analysis dates back from the late 1960s. Corder spelt out the theoretical rationale and empirical procedures for carrying out an error analysis. Corder (1967) noted that errors provided the researcher with evidence of who language was learnt, and also that they served as devices by which … Read more

IELTS Speaking Test Sample 1

IELTS Speaking Test 1 IELTS Speaking Test 1 IELTS Candidate: Taraneh  Listen to this IELTS Interview Part 1: What do you generally do in your free time? Part 2: Describe an artist or entertainer you admire. You should say: Who they are and what they do How they became successful How you found out about them … Read more