Parody Definition in Context with Images & Real Examples

Parody definition in context with images and real examples from the book, Vocabulary for the College-Bound Student. Learn the word, parody, in authentic context and improve your reading comprehension as well. /ˈpær.ə.di/ (noun & verb) Parody definition an amusing or humorous copy or imitation of a piece of writing, music, artist, politician, etc., burlesque, caricature, … Read more

Onomatopoeia Definition & Examples 601 Words

Onomatopoeia definitions and examples in real context with images and illustrations from the book 601 Words You Need to Know to Pass Your Exam. Perfect your English vocabulary in scientific and literary context. /ˌɒn.əʊˌmæt.əˈpiː.ə/ (noun) Onomatopoeia definition the creation, coinage or use of words or vocabulary based on the natural imitation of the sound that … Read more

Simulacrum in Visual Dictionary with Synonyms & Examples

Definition of Simulacrum in visual dictionary and thesaurus together with real examples and authentic context and text-to-speech technology to improve your listening comprehension for advanced learners /ˌsɪm.jʊˈleɪ.krəm/ (noun) Definition something that is very similar to something else and represents it, image, copy, duplicate, imitation, ersatz Example The unravelling of a string of shocking old master … Read more

Pastiche GRE Vocabulary Flashcard

Pastiche GRE Vocabulary Flashcard /pæsˈtiːʃ/ (noun) a literary and artistic work which is an imitation of another artistic or literary work, parody, copy, imitation, satire, lampoon, takeoff – mixture, composite, blend, miscellany, potpourri Director Sujeet’s action-thriller ‘Saaho’, starring Prabhas and Shraddha Kapoor in lead roles, has laid siege over the domestic box-office, with collections for … Read more

Emulate GRE Vocabulary Flashcard for Emulate

Emulate GRE Vocabulary Flashcard Emulate GRE Vocabulary Flashcard /ˈem.jʊ.leɪt/ (verb) to copy something achieved by someone else and try to do it as well as they have, imitate, ape, simulate, compete with, vie with, contend with, follow, mimic, model yourself on, pattern yourself after: They hope to emulate the success of other software companies. antonym: … Read more

English Presentation Role Models in Life

English Presentation Role Models English Presentation Role Models How to Give a Significant Presentation Write the script of your Lecture: Noun1. a formal talk on a serious or specialist subject given to a group of people, especially students: We went to a lecture on Italian art. Who’s giving the lecture this afternoon? 2. an angry or serious talk … Read more

Behaviorism in Language Learning | TESL Issues

Behaviorism Behaviorism Empirical studies were primarily descriptive and totally objective in nature. In the late 1960s and 1970s, a growing consensus was reached that behaviourist theories of L2 learning were inadequate. L2 learners, like L1 learners, were credited with a ‘built-in-syllabus’ (Corder, 1967), which guided their progress. According to the behaviourist hypothesis, the mind of … Read more

Sociocultural Theory in Language Learning | TESL Issues

Sociocultural Theory in Language Learning Sociocultural theory is based on work by the Russian psychologist, Vygotsky, and represents a fundamentally different way of looking at language and learning. Sociocultural theory is grounded in the ontology of the social individual. A sociocultural approach considers language and, by extension, second language acquisition as contextually situated and is … Read more

Language Learning Strategies | TESL Issues

Language Learning Strategies Language Learning Strategies They are mental and communicative procedures learners use in order to learn and use language. Strategies can help the students to increase their level of consciousness and awareness over their learning process. Learning strategies are perhaps best defined in terms of a set of characteristics that figure in most … Read more