Child Language Acquisition | TESL Issues

Child Language Acquisition Child Language Acquisition Cromer concludes that experience stimulates language organisational processes and that these affect other linguistic structures that are internally related. The children appeared to be building their own grammars in their own way, without direct positive or negative evidence as to what was right or wrong. Children are creative, selective … Read more

Second Language Acquisition | TESL Issues

Second Language Acquisition (SLA) Second Language Acquisition (SLA) An abbreviation for Second Language Acquisition. Second Language Acquisition is the common term used for the name of the discipline. In general, SLA refers to the process of learning another language after the native language has been learnt (Gass & Selinker, 2008). Sometimes the term refers to … Read more

Input Hypothesis Specifications | TESL Lessons

Input Hypothesis Input Hypothesis Krashen’s Input Hypothesis explicitly rejects a role for consciousness, claiming that “acquisition” is a subconscious process. Krashen assumed a ‘language acquisition device’, that is, an innate mental structure capable of handling both first and second language acquisition. The input activates this innate structure. But only input of a very specific kind … Read more