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Guest Posting Guidelines for the LELB Society Blog

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Guest posting for the LELB Society blog is widely welcome because this can give us an opportunity to reflect a broad range of topics by various authors, creators and thinkers. However, due to a large volume of requests from authors and bloggers, we strongly recommend that you consider our guest posting guidelines to increase the chance of your success in getting your articles published at LELB Society.

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LELB Society’s audience

Publish English articles LELB Society
Guest posting guidelines for the LELB Society blog

A professional blogger and author should first take the audience of their articles into account. For this reason, to publish your articles at LELB Society, first you need to recognize our dominant content and audience. LELB meaning in LELB Society comes from the acronym, Learn English to Live Better. You can also add Persian or Farsi to English as LELB Society is now a bilingual academy of English and Persian.

LELB meaning in LELB Society as a bilingual academy of English and Persian
LELB meaning in LELB Society = Learn English & Persian to Live Better

LELB Society is, in fact, like Wikipedia for language learners to learn vocabulary in context with images. The lessons and articles at LELB Society are based on content-based instruction to provide our students, members, and users with useful and interesting materials to learn English and Persian to live better, which is our motto. Therefore, your articles could be on a very diverse range of topics as listed below.

Guest posting topics for LELB Society’s authors

topic LELB Society
Suggested topics for guest posting at LELB Society

The above list includes some items about our curriculum and education system administered by Dr. Mohammad Hossein Hariri Asl, PhD in TEFL (Teaching English as a Foreign Language), the creator and website developer of LELB Society on WordPress. As a result, you’re also welcome to write on recent educational methods, SEO ranking, digital marketing, website optimization, WordPress, and the like.

Archive of Lessons at LELB Society
Content taxonomies at LELB Society, including, categories, popular tags, archives, pages, authors, and the like

To provide you with a better overview of our wide range of content, we call your attention to our categories of English and Persian lessons and popular tags at LELB Society. In addition to the taxonomies of our 4,100+ English and Persian lessons as the blog page at LELB Society, you can also review the growing list of pages and articles (over 120 pages until February of 2023) in our bilingual academy and online community.

Guest posting requirements

Article length

Guest posting in English and Persian at LELB Society

Your article must have at least 600 words. Articles shorter than this number of words will not be considered for publication. The maximum number of words for your article is 2500.

Article format

  1. Your post at LELB Society must have a short introduction around 150 words long.
  2. Your article must have several headings and subheadings, especially if your post is rather long.
  3. Your article can have up to 3 images, one of which should be the featured image or post thumbnail. All the images at LELB Society are 650 pixels wide in WebP format. We optimize all images before uploading them without any quality loss for a faster page load. Your images should also be approved by our editorial team. If you don’t provide us with any images, we would wisely choose some for your article.

Article content

  1. Your post must be in either English or Persian or Farsi as LELB Society is actually a bilingual academy of English and Persian.
  2. Plagiarized or auto-generated content, e.g. content generated by Google Translate is NOT acceptable. We only accept original content, which is well-written and demonstrates its author’s profound knowledge of the topic being discussed.
  3. Formerly published content is labeled plagiarized, which can easily be identified by some online tools, such as Copyscape Plagiarism Checker. Please note that your articles will go through these tests before getting published at LELB Society.
  4. You should not use any sponsored links or paid links in your content, and neither should we. Likewise, we do not show any disclaimers on your post, such as “This article might have some affiliate links”.
  5. Avoid using more than 4 backlinks to your website. However, you can use external links to dominant websites if necessary.

Biographical information

Biography - English Flashcard for Biography - LELB Society
Biographical information for guest posting at LELB Society
  1. We make it public that you are the author of your article as LELB Society is a multi-autor wiki or website on WordPress.
  2. Your short bio can consist of several sentences about you, your company or online business with links to your website or social accounts. For instance, consider the following 2 author pages at LELB Society: Dr. Mohammad Hossein Hariri Asl and Hajar Aziz Zanjani.
  3. All your articles will be published and displayed on your own profile page exactly like the 2 author pages as examples shown above. For this reason, you need to register at LELB Society with your social accounts, namely Google, Facebook, and Twitter, and contact us to activate your account for the first time.

Publishing process

  1. Because of a large volume of requests from many guest post authors, publishing process might take up to 10 business days or 2 weeks, including checking the content and format of your article, categorizing and optimizing your content for SEO ranking, and the like.
  2. Please contact us to submit the first draft of your post to us for analysis. We will shortly notify you whether your draft is rejected, accepted, or requires editing.
  3. We might edit your finalized draft before publishing your post to make it more visible to search engines. For instance, the following sections will automatically be added to your post: Breadcrumbs, Table of Contents, Related Posts, Date of Publication, Author, Related Category, Comment Form, and Tags. We’ll inform you of any possible revision or change that might be made to your post in the finalized version.
  4. We can also voluntarily make a video from your post, publish it on LELB Society YouTube channel with 3,200+ subscribers, and embed it in your post to provide a video version of your text content as multimedia, which can dramatically increase the readability of your post.

Your published content at LELB Society

  1. Once your content is published at LELB Society, it’ll be fully integrated into our growing content and database. In other words, you cannot claim it back in the future, although you’ll remain the author of your post. For more information, please study our terms of service, privacy policy, and disclaimers pages.
  2. Your post will be displayed on the LELB Society homepage where we show our 5 recent posts and pages for approximately one month. Then your content will be accessible freely to all visitors (no restricted content) included in one of our categories.

List of authors, teachers and contributors

Publish your articles, lessons and tutorials in your own name and get seen worldwide as a popular teacher, author or blogger.

List of categories

Most popular tags in posts and lessons

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