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LELB Meaning in LELB Society to Learn English & Persian

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Are you curious to know about the LELB meaning in LELB Society? Recently, some visitors and members at LELB Society have asked us about the meaning of LELB, and therefore, I decided to explain about that in this article.

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LELB meaning in LELB Society

LELB stands for Learn English to Live Better, and society in our brand, i.e. LELB Society, denotes that our website is in fact a community. Dr. Mohammad Hossein Hariri Asl, the author of this article and the founder of LELB Society, first coined the term, LELB Society, back in 2010. At that time, LELB Society was on www.webs.com, which is a free website builder.

LELB Society is on WordPress to meet its student needs perfectly as an online bilingual academy of English and Persian
LELB Society on WordPress from July of 2015

After testing many content management systems or CMSs, such as Drupal, Blogger, and Joomla, I consciously chose WordPress in 2015, and since then, LELB Society has been on WordPress with the current domain, that is, LELB.net. But let’s get back to the meaning of LELB Society and why I selected this acronym for my online community.

LELB meaning and content-based instruction

The rationale for labeling our online community LELB Society is that learning English has had a profound effect on my life, and I believe it can have almost the same positive effect on our English students, as well. The term, content-based instruction or CBI, implies that ESL students and Persian learners at LELB Society can immerse themselves in English and Farsi with inspiring and useful subject matter and content.

Content-based instruction in language learning
Employing content-based instruction or CBI at LELB Society to provide our English and Persian students with inspiring and useful content for more motivation

For this reason in connection with the LELB meaning, I should admit that I’ve always been the first learner at LELB Society because I’ve been learning so many things ranging from wellbeing to website management on my website. As a matter of fact, LELB Society has helped me to live better over the course of time.

In fact, LELB Society is a wiki because a wiki is edited and run by its online contributors, and at LELB Society, the team of our authors, teachers, and registered members contributes to our online community by publishing posts, lessons, pages, comments, replies, and the like asynchronously in our forums and discussion boards.

Archive of Lessons at LELB Society
Taxonomies of LELB Society’s resources, such as categories and tags to categorize all content

We’ve made great efforts to classify our lessons and forums neatly through tags on WordPress. To give you an overview of the taxonomies of LELB Society’s resources, we draw your attention to some popular tags, for example business, education, happiness, psychology, and the like.

Challenging questions in English and Farsi

We’re now running forums on LELB Society in both English and Farsi to provide more effective asynchronous learning. Installing forums on our website has increased our SEO visibility worldwide. LELB Society review in 2022 made it clear that we were supposed to develop more free content for all visitors. This is because our lessons in the form of WordPress posts are restricted content exclusive to our registered members.

LELB Society Review in 2022 including our top achievements and success journal
LELB Society review in 2022 showing some staggering statistics on how productive we were in the year 2022

Installing English and Persian forums that are accessible to all visitors helped improve our SEO rank on the internet tremendously. We’re now using two forums as English conversation questions for adults and Persian conversation questions for speaking. We use these forums as a bank of challenging questions in English and Farsi to trigger interesting discussions in our live classes.

Round table activity in our online community

I believe that content-based instruction is necessary but not enough to engage our students’ interest and attention. That’s why we use our round table activity to promote interdependency or social autonomy in our online community. In our round tables, we select some useful and interesting materials for our students, for instance, good English documentaries.

Reply Button LELB Society
Our round table activity to account for both synchronous and asynchronous learning on the basis of collaborative flipped learning

Then our students study the assigned materials and watch the embedded videos and lectures on the basis of flipped learning before our live classes. In the next stage, our ESL learners and Persian students become active in our comment boxes and forums, posing questions and replies to each other in our optimized comment box UI (User Interface). As you can see, this is a perfect manifestation of asynchronous learning based on inspiring content.

Eventually, in our live or synchronous classes, we basically focus our attention on the raised comments, replies and questions and hold detailed discussion about them. As a consequence, the LELB meaning, which is Learn English to Live Better, is perfectly realized in an interactive manner based on both synchronous and asynchronous learning.

English presentations to practice speaking

Our English and Persian students are welcome to give presentations in both English and Farsi on motivating and educational topics. Giving lectures is such an exciting activity and lecturers can practice all language skills and learn some other subject matter apart from language. With our lecturers’ consent, we’ve recorded and archived over 60 English presentations to practice speaking.

English Presentation on Learning Styles - LELB Society
Giving presentations in both English and Farsi on interesting and useful topics

In our feedback box forum, our students have expressed their approval of giving presentations as a positive and challenging activity that has the potential to change their lives for the better if taken seriously and consistently. As a result, the LELB meaning discussed above can be brought to fruition more efficiently, especially when the lecturers have this chance to choose the topic of their lecturers freely.

LELB meaning and learning Persian

At the time of coining the term, LELB standing for Learn English to Live Better back in 2010, I didn’t have any clue as to how successful and popular our online community would become. Nevertheless, we’re now so popular worldwide, and our online community, which is now a bilingual academy of English and Persian, grows every day.

Best online Farsi course for non-Persian speakers
LELB meaning now covers learning Persian online as well.

For this very reason, I hereby announce that the LELB meaning has expanded by now to include learning Persian online, as well. In other words, we declare that, these days, LELB must stand for Learn English and Persian / Farsi to Live Better. It is important to add that the same education system and curriculum for teaching English is implemented in teaching and learning Farsi in our bilingual academy.