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Free Membership and Discounts at LELB Society

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As a member or student in our online classes, you can enjoy free membership or special discounts on your tuition fees or monthly membership in the following ways.

But first, you need to login with one of your social accounts listed below. If you cannot see them, then you’re already logged in.

Watch this video in both English & Farsi

Invite your friends to register

IELTS Essay on Social Media with full analysis and scoring

You can invite your friends, classmates, colleagues, etc. to register at LELB Society or join our online classes. We’ll offer you high discounts when your referred friends become a registered member.

  • Invite 1 friend = 33% OFF
  • Invite 2 friends = 66% OFF
  • Invite 3 friends = 100% FREE

Our new members or students can try site membership and online classes (first session) free before registration. Then if satisfied, they can pay for our services. As soon as they pay for our services, we will give you discounts or offer you free membership.

You just need to contact us or use our live chat widget located at the bottom-left corner of your screen (accessible only when you’re logged in) to introduce your new friends to us for discounts.

Note. This discount applies only to the first month and the new members or students. That is, when your referred friends renew their membership after the first month, you will no longer receive any discount.

Give us your testimonials

Students' Testimonials at LELB Society

Express your opinions freely or give us your testimonials about your educational experience as a member of LELB Society as a comment on the students’ testimonials page. Your testimonial could be in either English or Persian, but its length must be at least 50 words. Your testimonial should come with your real profile photo as a standard social proof. By giving us your testimonial, you’ll receive a 25% discount on your monthly fees applicable only once. This discount applies only to our site members and students in our group classes, and not to our private students.

Free membership for online students

List of online classes on English and Persian

The students who join our online classes on English and Persian (either private or group classes) are granted free site membership. This is because we use only our resources to teach our online students.

Free membership for marketers

Social presence and student interactivity in online social contexts at LELB Society

You can join our team members as an active marketer. As an active marketer, you MUST invite at least 1 new member per week. That would be 4 new members per month. Site membership would be totally free for our active marketers.

In addition to free site membership, our active marketers can expect to earn high income because they will receive 50% of the membership fees paid to us by their referred members. In other words, it is as if our active marketers are our shareholders or business partners at LELB Society.

Our marketers can easily share these videos on YouTube or Aparat in public channels of communication, namely Facebook groups, Telegram channels or groups, WhatsApp groups, and so on to target and invite a large number of people, and multiply their income correspondingly.

Teacher-marketers at LELB Society

Practice Teaching English LELB Society

Our teachers can charge their students individually without any commission for us. We provide our teachers with any requested online platform so that they won’t need any additional application to hold their online classes. Our teachers are also granted free site membership.

Furthermore, they can make great use of tons of English and Persian lessons with videos for free in their teachings. To explore our lessons more easily, you can check out the following pages: categories of lessons, popular tags, and archive of lessons.

However, we do not introduce any student to our teachers. That’s why we call our teachers “teacher-marketers” because they need to act as marketers as well by bringing more members to our online community.

The good news is that our teacher-marketers can double their income by practicing marketing and teaching at the same time as freelancers. To be more precise, our teacher-marketers will gain 50% of the membership fees paid by their own students. Additionally, they can charge their own students 100% independently.

Free membership for authors

Publish English articles LELB Society

You can join our team as an author and get your articles or teachings published at LELB Society in your own name and improve your resume. To be an author, you simply need to publish one original article per week. To have more information about authorship, please check how you can join LELB Society and study our terms of services.

Special discounts

Receive Discount LELB Society

Schools, institutes, colleges, universities and companies with more than 5 members can enjoy a 50% discount on monthly site membership, which is only valid for the first month.

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