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IELTS Essay on Productivity in the Workplace + Assessment

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4 comments on “IELTS Essay on Productivity in the Workplace + Assessment”

  1. It is an evident fact that a prominent part of the success and financial growth of a company depends on its staff and employees. Consequently, it is the company owners’ duty to boost their staff productivity for their own benefit in any possible and different ways, for instance, by giving their staff a good reason for working efficiently in their place.
    The staff and the employees are an enormous part of a company’s progress. Moreover, it is essential that CEOs support their workers in any situation. For instance, a convincing promotion can be an enormous motive for employees to put their best effort into the projects. The company owners can use this element (big promotion) as healthy and practical competition and challenge between the staff. Therefore, all the workers have the motivation to work better and more efficiently.
    The company’s success also depends on its staff’s comfort and contentment. Consequently, it is one of the owners’ responsibility to make their workplace and atmosphere as clean and convenient as possible. A high-quality air conditioner system, a comfortable chair and desk, and a fridge full of snacks can be possible options. In addition, the staff and employees need to know that their needs matter to the managers and the owners. As a result, the company should accept the criticism and recommendations. Furthermore, a regular and neat inquiry is obligatory.
    And last but not least, an adequate and sufficient salary is what not only the workers and employees but also all the people in the world need to live a good and high-quality life. The managers and owners by giving a good and satisfactory salary can maintain their staff happy and pleased.
    A company requires its staff’s satisfaction for their progress. Consequently, they should try all the possible options to improve their staff productivity. And a high salary and a good promotion and a healthy atmosphere are among the possible options.

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