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IELTS Essay on Marketing with Full Essay & Assessment

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2 comments on “IELTS Essay on Marketing with Full Essay & Assessment”

  1. The world of business and marketing has always been highly chaotic and competitive. There is a huge rivalry and if the companies cannot update themselves every single day, they will be cut out. So that is why I surmise that service promotion and marketing strategies are essential.

    The customers must have a reason for buying a product. And that is the first task of companies and entrepreneurs to attract people’s attention. People should know how would a product or service make a valuable change in their lives. Entrepreneurs and markets must give people a good reason e.g., about price, service, and other attributes. Therefore, the result would be the gradual success and growth of that business.

    It is not the quality that always matters. There are so many features that affect business and entrepreneurship these days. This is when marketing strategies and tactics bury a huge responsibility on the profit and expanding the customer base. For instance, advertising can be the key feature to the success of a company. A fine and summarized advertisement that is made in a creative and clever way can draw attention. Some people agree that quality is the thing that can lead to the success of a business but people would be willing to pay money only when they are aware of the product.

    Moreover, there are so many strategies and tactics that a company’s success relies on them and that is because of the huge and aggressive campaigns and rivalries between the markets. Some of them (tactics and services promotions) are not even morally proper.

    In conclusion, we can agree that service promotions and strategies are fundamental and they accomplish profit and success for markets and entrepreneurs.

    Time spent on writing: 40 minutes

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