IELTS Essay on Advertisement with Full Essay + Feedback

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  1. Advertisement or quality improvement; which one is more important in a business? This question has been discussed for a long time and for sure it is a controversial one. Some say advertisement and commercials lead to a huger success meanwhile many others believe the opposite. The thing is that both are equally important in marketing business, in fact it is a mutual matter.

    If the advertisement is highly qualified that enhance customers’ expectancy, you should consider quality of product too because it will soon disappoint them and it would be a negative point to your business and marketing, besides, customers would think that they have been deceived. Sure you do not want that to happen. Yet if the products are highly qualified but not really good advertisement, it could take years to attach people’s attention; since advertisement leads the business in 21th century. So both should be considered and be worked on.

    “Advertisement is much more important,” many think this way. Celebrities, especially the famous ones, are a top choice in advertising process. You can charge them in a fifteen second commercial and see the huge request for the product. Or the more creative and brilliant and new is the advertisement it has the higher chance to leads to a bigger attention. Although if the quality is no good, it will take no time to collapse the amount of customers. Bad comments from everywhere.

    Highly quality and quality improvement is not a thing to be set aside. I can suggest that put your 35 to 40 percent of your attention and energy on quality improvement and 60 to 65 percent on advertisement.

    One should not forget that advertisement is much like showcase of a shop. It must be fancy to attach the attentions then we will get to the other things inside.

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