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Online Persian Classes with Great Materials and Teachers

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Online Persian classes for Non-Persian Language Learners at LELB Society enable Persian learners to learn Persian online, based on the most up-to-date teaching methods and resources.

In our online classes, unlike other training centers that use textbooks more often, the main focus is on the actual resources used within the society. Also, at LELB Society, there are thousands of flashcards to facilitate the learning process in Persian and are incorporated into the courses and lessons.

Online Persian classes

List of online classes on English and Persian

Our online Farsi Classes are taught by the experienced teachers and professors who have independently produced and edited educational content rather than relying on textbooks. This proves that the teachers of our Farsi language department have full mastery over the subject of teaching.

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You don’t need to learn Persian specifically in online classes. That is to say, our Persian learners and students can practice Persian asynchronously as well, thanks to our great Persian materials with videos.

We support our Persian students constantly by interacting with them on our discussion boards and comment forms. You can also take a tour at LELB Society to get more familiar with all of our Persian services with illustrations and detailed information.

The online academy of LELB Society has also made it possible for those interested and eligible to join our academy if they are well qualified as a Farsi lecturer or teacher and enjoy good financial and scientific credentials.

Due to the migration of many Iranians to the Western world, many of these Iranian immigrants are keen to get their children acquainted with their mother tongue, which is Farsi. To this end, LELB Society offers special online classes, both group and private, for your children and even young children. You can test all of our online Persian courses for free and sign up if satisfied.

The method of teaching Persian online education in our academy is based on the most commonly used topics in society, which are called communicative. Our classes are based on the educational content provided by our experienced team.

In our Farsi lessons and courses, there are thousands of flashcards, podcasts and comment forms that make the process of learning Farsi not just limited to the class time.

In other words, our learners can use our instructional content before and after class, and if you have any questions, you can use the comment forms at the bottom of each lesson and ask your questions. Our Farsi teachers in our Farsi department will immediately and in detail answer all the questions our Farsi learners have.

Click here to view the complete Persian language training package.

Our private classes are held on your preferable software programs, namely Skype, WhatsApp, etc., but to join our group classes, please join our dedicated server on Discord.

It should be noted that since all of our teaching materials are original and written by the experienced staff of LELB Society, these resources are only accessible to learners, students and our team members. Contact us for our website membership and to access our premium educational resources as well as participate in our online Persian classes.