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Learn Farsi Online with 400 Best Persian Lessons + Videos

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If you plan to learn Farsi online, we encourage you to attend our online Persian classes at LELB Society. We hold both private and group classes to satisfy all of your educational needs and preferences.

Different Persian classes

  1. Online Persian classes for children
  2. Online Persian classes – elementary level
  3. Online Persian classes – intermediate Level
  4. Online Persian classes – advanced level

Learn Farsi online asynchronously

If you’re not a young learner and you think you can self-regulate your learning with some level of autonomy, we strongly recommend you study Persian at LELB Society asynchronously.

Watch this video

Our Persian students can access over 340 Persian lessons with videos, podcasts and text and voice comment forms. You can study our categorized Persian lessons and watch their corresponding videos embedded in the lessons as many times as you wish in an asynchronous and autonomous manner on the premise of flipped learning.

Leave voice and text comments at LELB Society to learn asynchronously

Then if you have any question, you can use our text and voice comment forms at the bottom of each Persian lesson and interact with your Persian teacher asynchronously. We reassure you that our Persian / Farsi teachers, who are also proficient in English, will support you and respond to all of your questions immediately and in great detail.

You can also use our Persian forum to discuss your Persian questions, comments and ideas with us at any time. To have more information about our Persian learning packages and plans, especially our asynchronous Persian plan based on monthly membership, please study this page in both English and Farsi.

Persian Forum to Ask Questions at LELB Society

Learn Persian alphabet & grammar online

To shed more light on our asynchronous Persian learning system at LELB Society, we’d like to inform you that we’ve already taught all the letters of Persian alphabet with videos in English and comment forms for you to ask questions.

To access this Persian alphabet package, click here. Please note that our Persian lessons at LELB Society are only accessible to our registered students, and you could be one of them, of course with free trial.

Learn Persian Alphabet Letter i at LELB Society with podcast

Furthermore, if you have a tendency to learn Farsi online, especially Persian grammar academically and enjoyably, you’re in the right place, because in this Persian grammar package, you can study Persian grammar lessons with videos, including Persian tenses, Persian verbs conjugation, and many more.

Present Perfect Tense in Farsi - Persian Grammar at LELB Society

Persian classes curriculum

With regard to your special needs, we use the following Persian resources, materials and activities:

  1. Holding free discussion and conversation classes in Persian on challenging and useful topics
  2. Giving lectures in Persian and receiving our corrective feedback
  3. Essay writing in Persian and receiving our professional corrective feedback to learn Persian grammar in the most practical way
  4. Improving listening comprehension in Persian with the help of embedded podcasts and videos
  5. Improving reading comprehension by focusing on carefully selected materials from masterpieces of Persian literature
  6. Enriching your Persian vocabulary, expressions, idioms and proverbs in context and with many examples
  7. Practicing Persian grammar in context with examples
  8. Learn Farsi online with songs, poems, stories and games (especially for children)
  9. Kalila and Dimna: a series of fictional stories in Persian about animals with didactic messages, equivalent to Aesop’s Fables (especially for children)

Join our online Persian classes

To join our Persian classes, download Discord and join our Discord server. You can also use our built-in application for our Persian classes without installing any additional app on your device. To join our online Persian classes without any app, click here.

Our online Persian teachers

  1. Dr. Mohammad Hossein Hariri Asl
  2. Hajar Aziz Zanjani

If you’re a native Persian speaker and would like to join LELB Society’s team as an online Persian teacher, first join LELB Society here, and then contact us to activate your account for free.

Please note that you can earn money independently for yourself by teaching Persian online. You can also publish your academic Persian articles at LELB Society under your own name to become a more well-known Persian teacher.

Learn Farsi online for beginners

The primary purpose of the course is to learn how to read and write Persian. At the end of the course, learners can read and understand every simple text and write their content in simple sentences.

It is obvious that sometimes Persian learners pronounce some words by mistake or make the mistake of writing when the letters have the same sound as “Z= ز ، ض، ذ، ظ”. Such mistakes will be gradually resolved through practice, repetition, and improvement of reading and writing Persian letters.

Teaching Persian reading and writing

Reading and writing instruction begins when Persian learners can correctly understand every word that they hear and can recognize the parts and sounds of that word.

The forms of sounds (Persian alphabet letters) and how they are written are taught on the basis of practical methods of Persian teaching. For ease of learning, the simple form of scripts and letters is used to help readers easily learn the rules of writing and easily read Persian texts in any book or print.