Learn Farsi Free with 400 Best Lessons, Videos & Forums

Learn Farsi free with 400 premium Persian lessons and videos and our constant support in the comment forms

Do you like to learn Farsi free and enjoy an excellent educational experience? In this article, we’re going to show you how to enjoy learning Persian online for free with over 400 premium lessons with videos, podcasts, and interactive comment forms for you to ask us your questions. Watch this video on how to learn

Best Way to Learn Farsi Quickly & Easily with 10 Tips

Best way to learn Farsi or Persian quickly and easily with 10 proven tips

Are you searching for the best way to learn Farsi quickly and effectively? Have you been told that learning Farsi is difficult? Well, first of all, we should reassure you that learning Farsi or Persian is quite fun and easy, and in this article, we’re going to show you 10 proven tips on learning Farsi

Best Online Farsi Course for Non-Persian Speakers in 2023

Best online Farsi course for non-Persian speakers

Do you need or like to learn Persian like a native speaker? Our best online Farsi course can definitely help you achieve this goal in this new year. In this article, we’re going to prove it to you that Persian courses at LELB Society taught by native Farsi speakers will guarantee your learning satisfaction 100%.

How to Learn Persian Language / Farsi Fast Best 10 Steps

How to learn Persian language fast 10 great tips

Are you willing to know how to learn Persian language or Farsi quickly and effectively and enjoy the process of learning? If your answer is YES, then guess what? We’ve good news for you! This article has been written for you as a practical guideline on how to learn Farsi. Watch this video on how

4 دوره آموزش زبان فارسی به غیر فارسی زبانان

دوره آموزش زبان فارسی به غیر فارسی زبانان در مدرسه آنلاین فارسی LELB Society

مدرسه آنلاین فارسی LELB Society، دوره آموزش زبان فارسی به غیر فارسی زبانان را در سطوح و سنین مختلف برگزار می کند. آموزشگاه LELB Society، افتخار این را دارد که در آموزش زبان فارسی به غیر فارسی زبانان پیشگام بوده و با استفاده از منابع آموزش فارسی اورجینال و غیرکتابی، زبان فارسی را به شکل

Free Persian Class on Discord in 2022 – for non-Persian speakers

English Learning on Discord

We offer Persian class on Discord in our Discord server at LELB Society. The LELB Society’s Discord server is specifically designed for language learning. Our Discord server, with hundreds of active members all across the world, allows learners to speak Persian or Farsi in a dedicated chat room and ask questions. In the Persian chat

Learn Farsi Online with 400 Best Persian Lessons + Videos

Free Persian Class

If you plan to learn Farsi online, we encourage you to attend our online Persian classes at LELB Society. We hold both private and group classes to satisfy all of your educational needs and preferences. Different Persian classes Online Persian classes for children Online Persian classes – elementary level Online Persian classes – intermediate Level

Best Online Classes on English and Persian in 2022

List of online classes on English and Persian

List of online classes at LELB Society on English and Persian with free trial. Join our English and Persian classes listed below on this page. Take a tour at LELB Society to become more familiar with our online classes and site membership. Please study our pricing table, privacy policy and terms of service. You can

Learn Persian with Hajji Firuz – آموزش آنلاین فارسی

Learn Persian with Hajji Firuz

Learn Persian with Hajji Firuz Learn Persian with Hajji Firuz آغاز سال نو در ایران با نام «نوروز» جشن گرفته می شود. جشن نوروز، قدیمی ترین و بزرگترین جشن ایرانیان با سنت های خاص می باشد. در روزهای پایانی سال (اسفند ماه) همه خود را برای شروع سال نو آماده می کنند. هر کسی خانه

آموزش فارسی با شعر بهار – آموزش آنلاین فارسی با شعر برای کودکان

آموزش فارسی با شعر بهار

آموزش فارسی با شعر بهار آموزش فارسی با شعر بهار بهار بهار بهاره بهار شادی میاره اگر لب هات بخنده دنیا به روت می خنده بهار بهار بهاره نوروز اومد دوباره سفره ی نوروز ما هفت سین رنگین داره سیر و سماق و سرکه سنجد و سیب و سکه تنگ ماهی کوچولو باشه کناره سبزه