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Learn Farsi at LELB Society – Best Teachers & 400 Lessons

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In this article, we will show you how to learn Farsi at LELB Society, which is a bilingual academy of Persian and English with tons of categorized lessons and full support of native Persian teachers all around the world. At LELB Society, our Persian students can enjoy a combination of both synchronous learning in online Farsi classes and asynchronous learning through our Persian language resources with videos and constant support.

Watch this video on how to learn Farsi at LELB Society

Learn Farsi at LELB Society for all proficiency levels

At the time of writing this article, i.e. May of 2023, there are nearly 200 registered students of both Farsi and English in different proficiency levels. We have educational programs for the following proficiency levels:

  1. Farsi for beginners / سطح مقدماتی فارسی
  2. Farsi for intermediate students / سطح متوسط فارسی
  3. Farsi for advanced learners / سطح پیشرفته فارسی

Of course, there is some overlap between the categorized lessons of the above packages. That’s why the team of our educators and teachers is always ready to assign you appropriate lessons through the live chat widget at the bottom-right corner of your screen. This live chat application is only accessible to our registered students.

Study Persian asynchronously with videos and our full support

نرم افزار آموزش زبان فارسی به غیر فارسی زبانان با پشتیبانی همیشگی اساتید دوزبانه
LELB Society = Best app or website for learning Farsi with tons of videos and full support

As implied in the preceding paragraph, our registered Farsi students have this exceptional chance to interact with our native Persian teachers who are also fluent in English throughout their monthly membership. That’s how you can learn Farsi at LELB Society at an incredibly reasonable cost because you don’t need to pay for so many online classes on Farsi.

Please don’t get me wrong. We’re not against online classes. We just want to reassure you that you can learn Farsi at LELB Society before and after classes, as well. In fact, asynchronous learning is FREE if you register for our online Farsi classes at least once a week. Moreover, you can choose to learn Farsi at LELB Society exclusively through asynchronous learning.

Benefits of asynchronous learning in online education
Learn Farsi at LELB Society through asynchronous learning ideal for adult learners of Farsi

This way, you’ll access thousands of premium lessons on Farsi with videos, podcasts, interactive comment forms, and Persian forums during your monthly membership at the cost of one single private class. Please note that you can request free trial on learning Farsi asynchronously before registration. Learning Farsi asynchronously is recommended to adult learners who are not beginners.

Using multimedia to learn Farsi at LELB Society

This sounds like a rhetorical question when someone asks you why you need Persian textbooks to learn Farsi these days! As a general rule, Persian textbooks lack multimedia files, such as videos, audios or podcasts. What’s worse, they don’t get updated or edited frequently, and therefore, might not meet the current needs of Persian learners.

مدرسه آنلاین فارسی و انگلیسی برای پرورش کودک دوزبانه
Best Persian language resources with videos and full support at LELB Society

On the other hand, suppose you come across some major questions while studying Persian books. Who will be there to help you resolve your questions! That’s why we believe it’s high time you made great use of our Persian language resources with multimedia and full support. In addition, the corpus of Persian lessons at LELB Society is growing every day, and all lessons are thematically organized. That’s why each Persian student spends at least one hour on our website in each session, according to SimilarWeb traffic rank and website analysis.

Among multimedia files, videos are our favorite. That’s why all Persian lessons at LELB Society come with videos so that our Farsi students could improve their pronunciation and listening comprehension skills on their own. To gain an overall perspective on how productive we are, you can explore over 1,000 original videos in LELB Society YouTube channel with over 3,400 subscribers.

LELB Society methodology

LELB Society Methodology for English and Persian students in our bilingual academy
LELB Society methodology for English and Persian students

We guarantee your academic satisfaction at LELB Society because of a unique educational experience you’ll be able to develop in our bilingual academy. Considering LELB Society methodology and review in 2022, you’ll realize that LELB Society is not just limited to an ordinary Persian school with random Farsi teachers.

LELB meaning in LELB Society as a bilingual academy of English and Persian
LELB stands for Learn English (and Persian) to Live Better! Dr. Hariri founded this language center in 2015 to complete his PhD thesis. Afterwards, our Persian department was also added to our online academy.

On the contrary, LELB Society is a bilingual academy of English and Persian administered, developed, and designed by Dr. Mohammad Hossein Hariri Asl, Ph.D. in Teaching English as a Foreign Language (TEFL). In our English and Persian school with bilingual teachers, our Persian teachers and educators are, in the first place, original content developers. That’s why we believe our original resources with multimedia and full support are far superior to most of the current Persian textbooks.

Learn Persian alphabet

آموزش حروف الفبای فارسی به کودکان در مدرسه آنلاین فارسی
Learn the Persian alphabet at LELB Society with videos and our full support

If you need to learn the Persian alphabet to read and write in Farsi, you can study our premium lessons with video tutorials in both English and Farsi for this specific purpose. Our online Persian school has lessons on the Persian alphabet for all age groups and proficiency levels. Our Persian language resources can make it easier and more fun for you to get the hang of the Farsi alphabet, which is written from right to left.

Learn Farsi through Persian literature

Learn Farsi online with Rumi Thorn of Existence at LELB Society
Enjoy learning Farsi through Persian literature, including short stories, poems, and so forth

In our Farsi school, the team of our authors and content developers has prepared many lessons on Persian literature, such as Persian short stories with English translation, Persian poems by, e.g. Rumi, and the like. As a result, you can learn Farsi at LELB Society and enjoy Persian literature at the same time. It is interesting to note that there have been several best-selling books on Rumi. For this reason, some of our Persian students like to learn Farsi at LELB Society specifically to communicate with and understand Persian literature.

Learn basic Farsi grammar

Basic Farsi grammar for non-Persian speakers and adult learners at LELB Society
Learn Persian grammar at LELB Society with premium lessons and videos

Our adult Persian learners have a tendency to learn basic Farsi grammar in our Farsi school. This is partly because of our welcoming user interface in our Persian language learning application or website. In short, our adult Persian students can practice speaking and writing in Farsi asynchronously by sending us voice or text messages in our comment forms and Persian forums. We correct all of your grammar mistakes so that you would learn Farsi at LELB Society, especially Persian grammar, in the most practical way through trial and error.

Native Persian teachers who are fluent in English

Practice Teaching English LELB Society
Native Persian teachers who are also fluent in English

All Persian teachers at LELB Society are native Farsi speakers who are bilinguals or multilinguals. In other words, they can also speak English fluently. This is mainly because LELB Society is a bilingual academy of English and Farsi with nearly 200 registered students all around the world. Our bilingual teachers are at your service in both online classes and asynchronous learning on free trial.

Learn Farsi at LELB Society on free trial

Free trial for new students at LELB Society
Learn Farsi at LELB Society on free trial for new students

Our new English and Farsi students are welcome to try our Persian language resources and online Farsi classes free before becoming a fully registered student. Contact us to activate your account for free trial or schedule your first online Persian class, which is totally FREE. This free trial is available to reassure you that you can learn Farsi at LELB Society efficiently. Additionally, you might like to know about our free membership and special discounts conditions.

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