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Best Persian Language Resources – 400 Lessons + Videos

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Unlike English resources, which are easily available, Persian language resources are really scarce. Most Persian learners and also teachers complain about not having access to comprehensive Persian resources.

Why learn Persian?

Persian is a widespread language belonging to the Indo-European languages. Persian or Farsi is spoken in some countries, most importantly, Iran, Afghanistan, Tajikistan and Uzbekistan.

There are several standard varieties of the Persian language, including, Iranian Persian, Tajiki Persian, and Dari Persian.

Recently, there has been an upward trend in the immigration rate of people leaving in Persian-speaking countries to western countries. These people like to preserve their own culture and heritage, especially their mother tongue, i.e. Persian, and pass it to their own children as the new generation of Persian-speaking people residing overseas.

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However, the big problem is that finding appropriate Persian language resources is almost impossible because not sufficient systematic attempt is made to develop and maintain Persian materials for Farsi learners.

Lack of Persian language resources

منابع آموزش زبان فارسی به غیر فارسی زبانان

Although Persian is a popular language worldwide, Persian learners unfortunately cannot find reliable and modern Persian language resources. Not enough effort is being made to develop and update Persian content consistently. As a result, Farsi learners have to depend on old Persian language resources generally in the form of Persian books.

Persian books are NOT enough

Categories at LELB Society

As a general rule, books, including Persian books, are static content and they don’t get updated frequently. On the other hand, Persian books are not written and published periodically.

Therefore, Farsi learners are referred to the only existing books in the market. Existing Persian books cannot meet Persian learners’ current needs. What’s more, Persian students cannot ask their possible questions because the Persian books available in the market fail to communicate with Farsi learners.

Comprehensive Persian language resources

Learn Persian alphabet and letters with videos for non-Persian speakers

At LELB Society, which is a bilingual academy of English and Persian, our Persian learners who are registered members can access hundreds of original Persian lessons in categories with videos.

In the following paragraphs, we will walk you through our Persian language resources and Persian learning plans that are classified according to your proficiency level in Farsi, priorities, preferences, Persian language skills, age, and the like.

Learn Persian alphabet

Our Farsi learners can easily learn Persian alphabet with our premium lessons with videos on Persian alphabet. We’ve taught Persian alphabet in both Farsi and English for non-Persian speakers.

As mentioned above, all of our Persian lessons come with videos. In other words, we’ve already taught all of them through flipped learning where you can access the lectures. We’ve used digital boards in our teachings to facilitate learning and understanding the Persian alphabet.

Learn Persian with stories

learn persian with stories for kids at LELB Society- the hare and the tortoise

We have translated and simplified hundreds of Persian stories exclusively for our Persian learners. These stories are written in simple prose with narrations in videos. Our members can also access the English version of the stories as LELB Society is a bilingual academy of English and Persian.

You can learn many Persian proverbs, idioms and vocabulary in real context with the help of our Persian stories. Additionally, for each story, there are follow-up questions for further discussion in our online Persian classes.

Our Persian learners, especially young learners, can practice oral reproduction of short stories in Farsi in our online Persian classes. They can study our Persian stories and watch their videos. Then in our Persian classes, they would retell the stories in their own words.

Persian grammar resources


You can learn Persian grammar by studying our top lessons on Persian grammar + videos. All these Persian grammar lessons have already been taught by bilingual teachers knowing both Persian and English.

You will learn about verb conjugation in Farsi, Persian pronouns, verb tenses, reported speech in Farsi, conditional sentences in Farsi, Persian conjunctions, and many other Persian grammar points.

Learn about Persian or Iranian culture

Taarof Phrases in Persian

Needless to say that language and culture are intertwined. Therefore, to learn Farsi better, you need to get more familiar with Iranian culture as well. For this reason, we have many topnotch Persian lessons on Iranian culture, such as Nowrouz ceremony, Yalda Night, Taarof, table manners in Farsi, etc.

Learn Persian practically

If you need to learn Persian communicatively (as opposed to literary or theoretical Persian), our applied Persian lessons are something you really need. This category or our Persian language resources will teach you how to make a room reservation in a hotel, take a taxi, ask for local addresses, order food, make a doctor appointment, and the like.

Educational materials in Farsi

the life of bees to learn Persian online

To practice reading and listening comprehension in Farsi, our teenage Persian learners can use our educational Persian resources with original text and videos.

Persian language resources for adult learners

We provide premium Persian resources for adult Persian learners. These lessons and tutorials make our Farsi students independent of any other resources. Additionally, we support them constantly in our text and voice discussion boards and comment forms.

In this way, you can interact with your Persian teacher anytime you wish. You can study our Persian lessons with multimedia resources and videos. Then ask us your questions in our forums asynchronously. This way, you can talk and write to your Persian teachers and classmates without any time limit.

Practice Persian conversation and speaking

Asynchronous Conversations in Farsi in Audio or Voice Discussion Board at LELB Society for Non-Persian Speakers

Our Farsi learners can practice speaking in Persian both in our online Persian classes and also asynchronously by leaving voice messages to our Persian teachers. To learn about our asynchronous system of learning Farsi, take a tour at LELB Society.

Use our challenging questions in Farsi to trigger Persian discussion in our Farsi classes. Our Farsi students can also extend Persian classes by interacting with their teachers and classmates on these challenging questions in the comment forms.

Our Persian members and students are able to enter our Persian chat room to discuss interesting topics synchronously and constantly with the other Persian members. The mixture of synchronous and asynchronous communication channels at LELB Society has made our bilingual academy unique and pioneer in practicing Persian and English intuitively.

Practice writing in Farsi

essay writing on morality with corrections for IELTS

Our adult Persian learners can submit their Persian essays and compositions to us for deep analysis and evaluation. Our members can submit an unlimited number of essays to us for profound analysis during their monthly membership.

For more information about our writing activities in Farsi, you can review the following tags: writing practice in Farsi, summary writing in Farsi, making sentences in Farsi, business correspondence in Persian, Persian essays and compositions, spelling practice in Farsi and essay writing in Farsi.

Practice Persian handwriting

Practice Handwriting in Farsi at LELB Society for Non-Persian Speakers

Handwriting in Farsi tends to be more difficult compared to English due to the fact that, unlike English, in Farsi, some Persian letters are attached to each other while writing, and some others are written separately.

Our Farsi students and members can send us their Persian handwritings in the form of screenshots and images. We will analyze your Persian handwritings unlimitedly during your monthly membership.