Privacy Policy at LELB Society for Members

Study our privacy policy at LELB Society. Our online community is technically a membership website to learn and practice English and Persian in an educational and enlightening environment exclusively for our members. Privacy policy at LELB Society If you plan to join our online community and you’re concerned about your privacy at LELB Society, then … Read more

IELTS Writing Task 2 Generation Gap

IELTS Writing Task 2 Generation Gap IELTS Writing Task 2 Generation Gap Topic: No matter how hard parents and children strive to consolidate the affinity between each other, the concept of generation gap has always been perceived. However, there has been controversy over whether generation gap has recently widened or narrowed in comparison to the … Read more

Letter Closing Terms | Academic Articles

Letter Closing Terms Letter closing in business letters is really important because letter closing terms, especially in business letter writing will create a positive impression on your addressee. The type of term you use to close your business letter should depend on your affiliation or relationship with the person you are writing the letter to, … Read more

Resume Writing with Samples and Layouts | Academic Articles

Resume Writing with Samples Resume Writing with Samples What is a Resume? A resume is a short written account of your education and job experience sent to an employer when you apply for a job or expect an interview. It covers some main parts, including skills, work experiences, and achievements. How to Format Your Resume? … Read more