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Cinquain Poem Definition & Best Explanation with Examples

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Cinquain poem definition and explanation as a technique used in teaching writing skills with a podcast narrated by the author

Video of cinquain poem

Cinquain poems?

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Definition of cinquain poems

Cinquain poem is a writing activity in which students create simple poems within a very structured framework, using vocabulary they have learned and any assistance supplied by the teacher as requested. A cinquain poem is a five-line poetic form. Resources are available to support units on animals, community, fairy tales, healthy foods and so on.

هنر نوشتن شعر فارسی دلنوشته ای از بهار رمضانی
Cinquain poems to practice brainstorming as a writing skill

Additionally, students might write cinquain poems after reading a particular book picture. As a matter of fact, this particular poem can provide a dependable basis for the activation of students’ knowledge structures and scripts, or more specifically, schemata. As long as our deliberation vis-à-vis discourse analysis is regarded, cinquain poems can be considered a commensurate technique to operationalize the information units or structures.

Teaching writing skills - best practices
Teaching writing skills with cinquain poems

This poem, which is on the foundation of deductive learning, is a proper brainstorming or free-writing activity, particularly in response to writing classes. As it is self-explanatory, cinquain poems consist of five lines constructed according to the following scheme:

  • Line 1:  states a subject in one word (usually a noun).
  • Line 2:  describes the subject in two words (often a noun and an adjective or two adjectives).
  • Line 3:  describes an action about the subject in three words (often three infinitives or a three-word sentence).
  • Line 4:  expresses an emotion about the subject in four words.
  • Line 5:  relates the subject in another single word that reflects what has already been said (usually a noun).

Samples of Cinquain poems in English, French, and Spanish

داستان فارسی کوتاه عقاب، گربه و خوک برای آموزش آنلاین زبان فارسی


Green branches

Growing, living, reaching

Your shade protects me


The Mischievous Dog from Aesop's Fables with video and podcast for ESL students


Optimiste perpetuel

Attend son maître

Il entend des pas


IELTS essay on housing market with full assessment and detailed scoring


Hogar sencillo

Necesita pintura, reparos

Llena de tantos recuerdos



Hadley, A. O. (2003). Teaching language in context. (3rd Ed.). Heinle & Stanley J. Galek.

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