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Communicative Language Teaching

  • Communicative Language Teaching was established in the late 1970s and early 1980s in opposition to ‘cognitive code’ proposed by Chomsky in his theory, 1960’.
  • of language learning: All of the activities are on the premise of functional and meaningful purposes.
  • : The employment of meaningful tasks in the class:
  • The assimilation of real-life situations:
  • An emphasis on both linguistic fluency and accuracy:
  • : The learners are encouraged to generate unrehearsed language performances in the class. Another term for ‘’ is “”, i.e. in classes, students are cajoled into encountering unpracticed situations.
  • Cooperative Learning: Students are encouraged to construct meaning through genuine linguistic interaction with others.
  • Classroom goals are focused on all of the components, including grammatical, discourse, functional, sociolinguistic and strategic (Brown, 2001). However, communicative competence, above all, is of pivotal importance.
  • Autonomous Learning: The students are encouraged to develop enough strategies in their own learning process. They are given abundant opportunities to employ apt strategies in harmony with their own styles.
  • The role of the teacher is that of and guide. He turns out to be an enabler, mediator, intervener, counselor and motivator in the classroom.

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