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Teacher Education

L2 teacher education is, at its core, about teachers as learners of teaching, understanding the cognitive and social processes that teachers go through as they learn to teach is fundational to informing what we do in L2 teacher education (, 2009, p. 3).

Teacher education is closely related to research and .

(1980) sensibly points out that teachers cannot wait until researchers have got it right and that it is natural to expect them to go ahead and make use of the best information available. That is, teacher education makes teachers ready to become researchers as well.

Teacher education incorporates elements of ‘’, and especially’, but presents a wider view than both of these. For example, it attempts to cater flexibly for teachers’ own learning needs and aims; to develop the whole teacher (knowledge, skills and attitudes); to focus on the teacher’s role as an and a of school-aged children in schools; and to help to prepare teachers for career-long learning (, 2001).

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