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Why We Need Power Plants to Generate Electricity

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In this short article, we learn why we need power plants or power stations to generate electricity nationwide. This article has been written by Salahuddin kaoser, who is an electronic engineer and works in a power plant.

The importance of electricity in today’s life

Generating Electricity IELTS Writing Task 1 LELB Society

Electricity is at the heart of any nation as it drives the whole nation by supplying its energy needs. A plethora of equipment are driven by electricity, such as metro rail, vehicle, industry, irrigation, home appliances, and so on.

Why we need power plants

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It’s necessary to create more power plants or power stations where electricity is produced and generated. For instance, we can produce electricity by burning fossil fuels like coal, gas, and oil. However, the other forms of energy are emerging that rely on using natural resources like heavy wind, water flow, sunlight, and the like.

The locations of power plants

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Why we need power plants by Salahuddin Kaoser

Power plants are mainly located in remote areas, especially for transportation and safety. To run up those plants, there should be a huge number of fuels which might be possible by mother vessel, otherwise its production cost would be soaring. It is challenging to set it up in densely populated areas because nuclear plants are extremely detrimental to humans and animals.

Energy crisis

The concerning issues are rising as we are running out of our global fuels. After that, we don’t know how we can overcome energy crises. A lot of researchers are working on it, probably they would bring another new solution for us.

About Salahuddin kaoser

Salahuddin kaoser

My name is Md. Salahuddin Kaoser, and I live in Bangladesh, close to the Bay of Bengal Sea. I graduated from the International Islamic University of Chittagong, Bangladesh, the department of Electrical and Electronic Engineering (EEE).

Currently, I'm working in a power plant, as a coal-based thermal plant. These days, the main proportion of my working hours is devoted to working with Steam Turbine Operation and Maintenance. In the past, I used to work in a Co-generation plant where Turbines were driven by the exhaust flue gas of massive engines. I am much passionate about my master’s program, as well as pursuing higher education overseas. I have a publication on IEEE which was on biomedical science and technology that I worked on in my bachelor project.

Right now, I have been working as an “Instruments & Control” Engineer of TOSHIBA Plant System & Services Corporation. And, following my next desirable goal to become an Automation specialist.


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